Monday, January 25, 2010

Closet Chaos part 1

I finally did it
We don't have very much storage in this house, but there are plenty of closets and they are all pretty good sized. That's one of the main reasons we bought this house.

We have a fantastic coat closet in our entryway. It's bigger than any normal-sized house closet I've ever seen. It's potential just hasn't been maximized. None of the closets in this house have really been maximized yet- but that's all about to change.

For about a year I've been going to Home Depot to look at closet organization systems. (It's right next to the fabric store I like to visit.) I get excited every time. But I get there and start looking at all the pieces, and my excitement quickly changes to a feeling of being overwhelmed. I leave empty handed and deflated.

Easy Track RB1448 Closet 4 to 8-Foot Expandable Closet Organizer Starter Kit

So, a couple months ago I called a company. They gave me a quote of well over $1,000 for the coat closet. We were tempted, but I just couldn't justify that expense.

I finally got a few kits and decided to give it a try, and hopefully if I mess up too badly my handyman will actually show up to fix it. With call placed to him. And a false sense of security I started screwing things together and ripping things out.

It took all day. The next one will go much faster I'm sure.

And I had to use saws, goggles,
a level and other tools which I wasn't expecting--the kits make it sound so easy and straight forward

I ended up with a few extra holes too.

Alas, my real job calls and the job is not finished yet.

Part II of this multi-part series coming to a blog near you soon. Can you stand the suspense?....


carla said...

I can't stand the suspense, hurry up and finish.

Sam Smith said...

i just finished my new Closet Organization Systems, cant wait to see what yours looks like!