Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crazy About Calling Cards

Social calling cards are making a comeback. This month Traditional Home and another major magazine (can't find it now) mentioned them.
Mommy Card

I couldn't be happier about this trend revival. Since quitting my office job I've been dreaming up reasons to have cards printed with my name.

I remember after graduating from college desperately wanting have a job that warranted business cards. I thought they were the coolest thing. I loved getting them, I loved giving them.

Now, thanks to, I get to design then too. Vista Print offers the cutest designs and usually you can get 250 cards for free, just pay the shipping and handling. I paid $15 for the one above which is two-sided in color. You can get one-sided cards (like the zebra design below) for as little as $6.

I've printed countless versions of cards for my jewelry business. I use them to promote the business, but I also designed them so that I could cut off the top and use it as my earring cards and price/description tags.

Business Card

When Drew started preschool and we moved to a new neighborhood, I decided we needed a family card. Having a family card makes it so easy to give out contact information for play dates. This one has our home phone number, my e-mail address and our home address. (I've smudged those details out to deter stalkers.)

Matt even carries some of these in case someone needs his home address or phone number. After all, in the 1800s it was considered very poor taste to use a business card for a social call.
Family Card

Most recently I decided I needed a card just for me, when I want to give my phone number and e-mail without my home address. I've used this card with store owners that are going to look for something for me, or if I stop by to see someone and they're not home. On this card, I paid a little extra to have the front and back both printed in color so I can use the back side as a gift enclosure.
Gift card side (back)

Calling card side (front)

Now I think I've exhausted all excuses to print cards for myself. I just helped my sister get some-- she doesn't know how she lived without them before.

So, now I'm encouraging you to do it too. Check out and have fun!!


carla said...

Julie, I am really enjoying your blog, keep going...always creative and fun.

Finny said...

Wow !!!!!!! I'm ordering cards right now. Don't know how I've lived without them. They are a must have. And as for me I want everything and every gadget. Thanks Julie for that helpful infor. Finny

Lauren said...

so beautiful Julie!!! I'm getting on this as soon as I finish my business card. Love the idea of a family card.


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Thanks Julie! xx