Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I'm convinced that orchids are the perfect gift for anyone at anytime of year.
They're elegant, easy to care for and usually last for months.

I treat myself to an orchid every few months. I'd rather have one of these then something like a manicure. And now you can find them pretty much everywhere for the same price you would pay for a bouquet of cut flowers.
Matt and I give orchids as our hostess gift instead of a bottle of wine when we go to friends houses for dinner or a party. I've converted a lot of people into plant lovers as a result.

This Christmas one of Matt's former co-workers was still talking about the orchid we gave her last year at her Christmas party. She said now she always has to have one in the house.

They are such a treat. I brought this one home from Trader Joe's today. It was only $15. I've been wanting one of this type (Cymbidium) for a long time. They are usually A LOT more expensive. I really wanted a Cymbidium because I think the leaves look pretty as a house plant even when it's not in bloom. So, when I saw that price I had to grab it fast.
Happy Valentines Day to me!

The one below is a new bloom on an old plant I had from the summer. There weren't enough flowers on the stem to bring down the whole plant from my office, so I just cut off the two (maybe three) flowers and put them in a vase. Simple and elegant!
I always get white because I think it looks great with everything. Maybe I should have gone for a little color today, since all I see right now when I look out my window is white and we're expecting another 20 inches tonight. I'm going to be seeing nothing but white for a very long time :)

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kalorama said...

I agree that orchids make a nice gift. Phaleonopsis are the easiest to re-bloom. Just take them outside in the summer on the north side of your house and bring them in before it frosts. Put them in a bright cool room and by March you should have a new flower spike. Of course a little fertilizer always helps.