Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Drew and I went treasure hunting (at thrift stores) on Monday. We both found some really great things and just about everything we brought home was half of the original low price.

I've been looking at this crystal light (chandelier?) for at least a year now. I tried to get my mom to buy it a few months ago. But it wasn't right for her space.

I popped in to the shop where this fixture is because I needed some salt spoons. (Does anyone really NEED salt spoons?....) Anyway, after picking out the perfect spoons I told the clerk I just wanted to go look at the chandelier that I've been admiring for over a year. It turned out that the clerk was the owner of that booth, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He said sales were slow and he needed to pay the rent. So, I got this amazing piece for only $100. It has all the crystals. If I wanted to just buy the crystals alone, they would cost more that that. So, I think I'm going to put this baby in my entryway. Since I seem to be trending toward golds and gilts, I think this this will work perfectly and will really glam up the space.

This beauty only cost me $0. I was visiting a friend who is redoing his kitchen and dining room, and when I complimented him on the chandelier that used to hang in his dining room he said I could have it. I think this one will get some black lampshades and go up in my dining room.

I'm not 100% sure about these mirrors. I got two of them for a total of $14. I thought I could paint them and use them in the master bedroom. I figure for the price, if I don't like them after the paint job, it's not a huge loss. Maybe I can consign them and actually make a buck on them.
I have them propped on the bedside tables now, and I like the general feeling they create--we'll just see if I can make them feel a little richer and less 70's era.

This cute little milk glass vase only cost $3. My feeling is that you can never have too many flowers, or vessels with feet. And, you know how much I like black and white. This just had to come home with me.

Here I'm actually showing you the books in the center. I loved them. They are green, black and gold--my colors. I just read an article this week that said every "tablescape" should have books, candles and flowers. Here is my attempt at a tablescape.

I bought this planter basket for a friend of mine that has been searching for a planter basket for about a year now. It's lined with some kind of metal so you don't have to worry about spills or stains. I like they way it looks so, I might not be passing it on to her now.

This carrera marble lazy suzan was only $2. What a steal!!!! I cleaned it up and put it in my kitchen by the stove. It now holds my utensils, olive oil and spices. I love the way it breaks up the black granite and ties in white cabinets.

I'm so excited about all my treasures. I haven't been able to get to any estate sales or the flea market in so long. So this really satiated my need to hunt.

What do you think? Treasures or trash?......


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kalorama said...

Nice milk vase and a great deal on the "Lazy Susan." I love mine to and it was free. Sorry I beat you!

I think the table scape is trying to be symmetrical, Centered Pictures and books with lamps at either end, and asymmetrical (globes and candles sticks) at the same time. They are fighting each other. Just a suggestion, but I would try one or the other for a more successful composition.

I have some mirrors that I painted with silver paint and then put black "crackle" paint on top, so that as the black crackles, the silver come through. They are in my dining room and people always seem to notice them.

Happy Hunting!!