Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freshening Up the Sunroom

I've been inspired by all the blogs featuring the french look and the shabby chic all white look. Although I love the look of those rooms, it's not really me or how I live. So, I've been trying to figure out how I interpret these looks into my house. I selected the sunroom for this "white look" redo.

After writing this post, one of the best bloggers Cote de Texas did this one and it's the look and feel I want to capture in my room. Of course I'll be trying to do it myself at a fraction of the cost. I love the way she does white and animal prints in such a classic way. Fun and functional. I think I have a lot of the same elements already, but they need to be reworked.

Sunroom mish-mash

I like the rug I had before, but I found it to be a little limiting in terms of what I could do with colors and style. Too much brown in such a bright and cheerful room! I want to be able to change the look in this room a simple change of pillow or accessories.

This past fall we installed a heating and cooling unit in the room to convert it from a three season room to a full fledged part of our house. That was the best decisions we've made. We're still struggling to stop calling it a porch and call it a sunroom instead.

Now, with spring just around the corner and our cool new patio and planting right outside the sunroom door, I'm absolutely busting at the seems to make the room more beautiful and functional.
One recent morning there were about 20 Robins drinking from the pond.
This is the view from my sunroom

The room is all windows, so you're surrounded with nature. I'm thinking a very neutral color will help you focus on the beauty outside. It was really cool during the recent snow storms, we could sit out there, be surrounded by falling snow but stay warm.

Record snowfall. Snow above the window bottom/higher than the sofa back

I really like the simplicity of the white rooms and painted furniture and I'm excited to try it for myself. However, I find ivory or off white more soothing than bright white, so when I say white, I really mean ivory.

Yesterday I got an ivory 8X10 Jute rug at West Elm. I couldn't believe the price $175. I just pulled these pillows out of our living room. They won't stay in here.

My sunroom redo part one--new rug and ottoman

I'm hoping the chair I'm currently upholstering is going to look like this Mitchell Gold chair. I'm doing it in ivory velvet. Hopefully it will replace the old green club chair I've had since I was single.

I found this ottoman today at Home Goods, and I think it will work nicely, if I have a slipcover made for it. It's a weird green and has ugly fake nail heads. For now I just threw a blanket over it to see how it would look in ivory. I was toying with the idea of slipcovering it in a green zebra fabric that I've been looking at for months at the fabric store. I'm sure I'll go the safe neutral way. Instead make zebra pillows...

The mid-century chairs I got last week have been vetoed by Matt and Drew. So, they'll be headed over to the Treasure Shop and hopefully I can get back what I spent on them. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll get some wicker chairs and then have linen slip covers made for them too.

I'm curious to know what you think of this change. Am I headed in the right direction? Have I lost my marbles going with such light colors with a little boy and a dog?

Thanks for checking in with me today!


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