Saturday, March 20, 2010

The dresser that I just can't part with

This week I dabbled in furniture painting.
There are countless blogs that cover this topic regularly.
For some it's their sole topic.

What I learned in doing this was that Monkey Grass Hill will NOT be a blog about furniture painting projects. It's messy, slow, you really have to take your time to do it well, if you don't have a garage the weather has to be just right, and I could go on and on about why I won't be doing this anymore (unless it's spray paint).

I spent lot of time researching, purchasing and returning high tech equipment recommended by one of the most popular furniture painting blogs. It was just getting too costly and complicated. I don't have the space to store that stuff either.

So my painting project was on a little dresser I've had since I was in college. My mom got it at Goodwill I think. I'm sure it was very cheap. It was perfect for the tiny little attic dormer room I lived in my last year of school. It worked great in the next few bedrooms I had in group houses. It went to stay with my sister for a few years. It came back to me when we moved into this house. It's moved from room to room even spending some time in a closet and most recently was in my office. There is really nothing great about it. It's simple. The drawers stick and make a horrible squeaking noise when you open them and the hardware was falling off. I was ready to put it at the curb. But then we had our TV mounted on the wall in the sunroom a few months ago. And I thought, those top drawers are just the right size for the cable box and the dvd box.

So I decided I would use it, but that I needed to make it as inconspicuous as possible by painting it to blend into the walls. This played into my white decor scheme perfectly too.

I primed it and gave it two coats of paint

Changed the hardware

Filled the drawers with Drew's toys and put it under the TV (notice March Madness on the screen) and zebra head.

Honestly, the drawers are sticking even more now, so I don't know if it will be with us very much longer--can I shake it once and for all?....


carla said...

Looks good, I bet it was hard work. Love to see a picture of the entire sun room redo.

Jessica said...

love the new hardware - rub a little wax or soap on those drawers and they should slide a bit more smoothly