Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Bunny Welcome Here!

This project has to be one of the easiest, least expensive, most satisfying for kids, and the best part--no mess!

Drew has been very excited about getting our Easter decorations up. The very small window where we took down our Valentine decorations and this week when we started preparing for Easter was tough for the little guy.

Easter Egg Wreath

So here is the what you need to for the easter egg tree.
  • Store bought eggs. (We went with sparkly ones from HomeGoods. The package came with the little ribbon bows and was only $4.99.)
  • Tree branches
  • Newspaper/rocks
  • Urn or some kind of vase or pot
  • Sheet moss (optional)

We put one of Drew's worm toys in the base to be silly

Secure your branches in your vessel with rocks or balled up newspaper.
Hang eggs
Place moss on top of newspaper
Enjoy your festive easter tree.

As for some of our other decorations

You've heard that catchy little saying, "you break 'em you buy 'em"? Well that's how these little bunnies ended up finding a home. They are cute, but I probably wouldn't have bought them.

The Treasure Shop (my favorite thrift store) had just gotten them in. I dropped a bag and one of the five broke, so I bought them.

An older woman who was recently widowed had just dropped off several baskets of hand painted easter decorations in little zip lock baggies. Those bags can be slippery when you're in a hurry:)

Our newest tradition is to drape a garland for each holiday. You can't really see them, but there are eggs nestled in the feathers. Matt was curious what the significance of feathers was to Easter--chicks of course!

The beautiful tulips were a little surprise from Matt on Sunday. It made my day!

I'm happy to say, Drew is now content that we are appropriately prepared for the coming of the Easter bunny. He is very excited about spring because this is the time of egg hunts and what else? Candy.

Thanks for checking in with me today!



LindsB said...

Such a cute idea! I love the egg tree, the eggs you used are beautiful, much prettier than those super bright plastic eggs :) Although I still love those ones for Easter egg hunts

Once Upon A Parent said...

Julie the house looks so good and the decorations are adorable. And look at you with that new haircut. You look great and so does the blog. I'm really glad we are keeping tabs on each other again.