Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Say Faux To Zebra - Sunroom redo part II

There are very few things that I would prefer to go the faux route on. I cringe at fake flowers and plants. I've mentioned before that I like the old furniture because it's REAL wood (not fake composite). I tried the flameless candles this past holiday season--Hated them!

I eat meat, I own some antlers (they have not been incorporated into our decor).

I wear vintage mink collars.
I've been searching for a vintage leopard coat for years.

But I draw the line with zebra skin rugs? I guess my feeling is, that if it's vintage I'm recycling and if it's an animal we ea,t any byproduct such as fur or hide is OK. And, as far as I know zebra is not a meat commonly eaten.

Is my logic flawed?

I'm crazy for black and white. I love animal prints, I love the impact when a designer puts a zebra skin rug on top of a seagrass rug or under a coffee table. I think the zebra hide stools/benches are very chic. There seems to be a lot of zebra in magazines lately.

When I started working on the sunroom I really wanted to bring nature in. But, I just can't feel good looking at beautiful room knowing that the zebra was killed just for decor. Don't get me wrong, I really like them because I think the zebra is a beautiful animal. I'm not judging anyone else who has one. I just don't want to have one in my house. So for me, I just say Faux to zebra prints.

This week I found something that I feel gives the impact but won't give me the guilt.

It's a sheep skin painted to look like zebra. I found it at Ikea, and I love it. (Poor little lamb.) I reconcile this by believing that the lamb was eaten. I know it's crazy, but it makes me feel better to believe that the little guy was actually raised for wool and meat. Then at a ripe old age his pelt was repurposed and shipped off to Ikea to bring joy and pleasure to a family of three in Virginia.

Are YOU buying it?....

In addition to my zebra print lamb, I have this cool paper mache zebra head. I bought this mask for Drew's animal themed bedroom three years ago at the flea market. This week he said it scared him. He felt like he was being watched by a wild animal. Frankly, I'm surprised it took him this long to develop a fear of it. I always tried to keep it out his sightline while in bed. I think it's cute, so now he's part of our sunroom.

I'm really happy with the way this sunroom is coming together. Matt and Drew have both given it the stamp of approval too.

Related items: The mid century modern chairs are headed over to the Treasure Shop tomorrow morning. Hopefully a friend will be by to pick up the sideboard sometime this week.

More photos of the sunroom progress coming soon.

Thanks for checking in with me today.

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Cedrick Finly said...

The zebra thing made your sun room a little bit bold and funkier than typical sun rooms. So what's your inspiration in putting zebra stuff in your room? Was it because of your vintage coat? ;]