Friday, April 2, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

For me spring is the most amazing time of the year. I have been in absolute bliss for the past three days doing what I love to do most --putter around the garden.

It never ceases to amazing me how things grow.

Today I moved things around and hung a fuschia plant and candle holders on the patio. I expect to spend a lot of evenings out here.

I had a truckload of leaf mulch delivered (about 16 cubic yards). I usually spread it myself, but this year I'm indulging and having it done by a crew. They come on Monday and I'm so excited for the instant impact. It usually takes me weeks to finish the job, and by the time I'm done with one area of the yard the earlier sections aren't looking so fresh anymore.

This is Drew on top of the mulch pile

Drew and Digby are really having a great time too since we're outside all day and getting as dirty as we want. Today Drew was "digging to china" for about an hour. It was fantastic :)

In late October we had a flagstone patio and raised pond put in right outside of our sunroom. After countless hours of fiddling with the urn in the past couple weeks, I finally got my fountain right. It has the perfect trickle of water. It's so soothing, I honestly don't want to be anywhere but here all day long.

The koi have really grown too. two of them are about 1 foot long. I love watching them eat.

In Easter news, I've got the shopping done and I've started assembling the table. I washed all the burlap (that stuff really makes lint).

I've been cutting greens and flowers from the yard. Having so many flowers in my house really makes me happy.

I made little nests out of easter grass that came in a package for Drew.

Happy Easter!


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Once Upon A Parent said...

Happy Easter! Everything looks great. When can you come over for a consult. And we should meet at the Arboretum soon. It is beautiful and they have crazy big koi.