Monday, July 19, 2010

An old fashioned birthday party

Saturday was the big day for Drew.  After months of patiently waiting to turn five he had his big pirate birthday party.

Drew loves the planning process just as much as the party, so we've been shopping and planning all the elements for several weeks now.

He helped in the kitchen 

He helped with the crafts.
We had personalized wooden treasure chest for the kids to decorate.

Is there anything more fun than making a HUGE mess?....

He helped set up the activities.
Gator golf, digging for treasure (money) in the sandbox, walking the plank (board over a baby pool filled with rubber snakes)

Treasure hunt - my niece read the clues

Everyone got into the action
The pirates found their booty (a pinata)

I did a little face painting too.

We had a popcorn and lemonade station set up outside. The kids loved that they could serve themselves lemonade.

And he had a lot of opinions about the cake.  The cake didn't really turn out the way we hoped.  It was a layer of cake, then rainbow ice cream, then Oreo cookies then cake again. I ended up decorating the top while the kids were eating lunch, so it was pretty simple design. Oh well, it tasted good!

The party favors we made were a huge hit!

Overall, the party was great.  Drew was my assistant and loved every minute of it from planning to implementation.

We didn't spend a lot of money on this party, it was more of an investment of time and love.  I think it's so worth while, because he truly appreciates it. At the end of the day, as we were eating our dinner he very seriously looked up at Matt and me and said, "Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you.  Thank you so much for giving me such a nice party today."  


the gardeners cottage said...

hi julie,

everything looked perfect. one luckly little guy there.

i love the variety of games you had, especially walking the plank, very creative.


anyreasonforcake said...

I love that Drew was an active participant in the party planning! It looks like the party was a smashing success. The favors were adorable. Happy belated b-day, Drew!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Wow Julie everything looked great! What a fun day! And how sweet that Drew was so active in the process. It really shows that felt so special because of it.

kayce hughes said...