Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Night

A friend of mine just got engaged. I'm so happy for her I wanted to have a little celebration. So last night we had a little girls night dinner party in her honor. It was a blast. 

I pulled out my favorite set of china.  I love that green! It's the one I registered for when I got married. I only have 6 place settings, so I don't get to use it very often.

The flatware is a set of Community Silver I found a few weeks ago for $20 at the flea market.  The vendor threw in the little forks as I was walking away. I just had to use them, so I served stuffed scallops as an appetizer.

For a table cloth I used one of the burlap panels that used to be a curtain in my sunroom.  Then I layered a couple runners from Crate and Barrel on top of that and sprinkled some fake moss stones and votive candles.

I think the table looked pretty, but not too formal.  Really, who cares if someone spills red wine on burlap?... (which I did by the way).

Even though we are all grown woman with kids of our own, it felt like we were little girls having a tea party.

I served my house salad which always get rave reviews. I thought I would share the recipe.

JL House Salad
Fresh (raw) corn if in season. Or thawed frozen corn
Roasted flax seeds (Trader Joe's)
Sunflower seeds
Blue cheese

Two parts olive oil
One part balsamic vinegar
Tbl dijon mustard
Garlic powder


the gardeners cottage said...

hi julie,

speaking of looking like a magazine layout? are you kidding me? i double clicked all the pics and it does look like a mag layout. the only thing missing was me! your salad sounds fantastic too. i'll make the dressing today b/c i actually have all the ingredients on-hand for the whole thing.


how's the website coming?

Seven Daughters' Girl said...

Julie -

Sounds like your Girls' Night was fabulous. What a great way to get the girls together and celebrate. Next time you're putting together a Girls' Night get-together, check out our blog!

Seven Daughters - The official wine of Girls' Night!

Dovecote Decor said...

I love that you would pick a menu item based on your forks! Oh, we are a bunch of sick puppies. I just found you, come visit us too!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Sounds like a great evening with a great hostess. Oh how I miss being around you and just soaking up your creativity. I still want to get together some weekend soon. How about some time in Sept? I'd love to hit Gtown Flea.

pve design said...

I hope you send this to Eddie Ross ~
What a stylish table. Looks like the Jane Austen book club ladies!

kayce hughes said...

So beautiful! sounds like the perfect evening.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Looks like a fun night and your table is beautiful!! Thanks for the recipe, I am so bored with salad this may be the ticket!

My Notting Hill said...

Beautiful table. Love the runners layered over the burlap. Looks like it was a memorable night.