Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Party Wedding

Eight years ago today Matt and I got married. I wanted to elope, but Matt is used to huge Italian weddings and so we compromised. We had a small wedding and reception.

The colors were pink and green. 
My niece and nephew were the ring bearer and flower girl.
They're in high school now.

The National Cathedral is across the street from the church where we were married.
I thought it would make a nice backdrop for our pictures

The police didn't think it was such a good idea, since I didn't get permission first.

My bridesmaids were all in various states of pregnancy.
My friend on the left had a 2 week old. In the middle 5 months pregnant. 
In the back, due any minute - having contractions throughout the entire weekend.

I told them they could wear anything they wanted as long as it was pink. 
 My other niece followed me around all day sitting on my train. It was so cute.

The reception was at the Tregaron estate is in Washington DC. 
It was once owned by Ms. Post and has several beautiful gardens.  

We were having a mini monsoon eight years ago, so the event didn't unfold quite like I had planned.  Due to forecast of rain,
cocktails in the garden and dinner on the terrace was moved indoors. 
It was beautiful and relaxed and fun none-the-less. 

The pink and green candy bar with polaroid camera and guest book were a huge hit!

The girls danced

The guys enjoyed cigars - like scene right out of the Sopranos

And the bride and groom moved to Monkey Grass Hill
where they worked on their house with all the money they saved 
from having a small garden party reception.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I don't have a scanner, so I was taking pictures of pictures.) 

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Silver Magpies said...

Hi Julie -

What a great post. I wouldn't have pegged you for a "bride encountering the police on her wedding day" type!!

MAGQUEEN said...

So beautiful Julie, thanks for sharing. Rosanne

carla said...

Beautiful post, seems like just yesterday. Happy Anniversary Matt and Juicy!

Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

the gardener's cottage said...

happy anniversary julie!

i've catered a lot of weddings in my day and i have to tell you that the small, more intimate ones were always my favorites. they are my favorites to attend also.

yours looked beautiful, such a gorgeous couple.


Sheila said...

This is our son's 8th anniversary too! May all of you grow old together! I enjoy lurking around your blog. :) Not sure where I came across it.

About Last Weekend said...

Happy Anniversary. Really love seeing these photos, you look so happy and relaxed and so beautiful. Your dress is incredible! Love that it's a halter, very chic and original. They are such natural photos and love the ones of the cops checking out the disturbance! What a great day!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Wonderful! Wishing you as happy a day as your wedding obviously was. LOVE the police interruption shot, that's priceless.

ida said...

Dear Julie,how lovely to come over & see your photos you are a very handsome couple.
Happy Anniversary,and many more happy years together.
Love your house.Ida xxoxx

pve design said...

If your husband reads your blog, maybe he might give you a scanner or a police radar detector!
Happy anniversary to a lovely couple. Love your pictures of your pictures.

Bonnie said...

You were a lovely bride. Happy Anniversary. I love small weddings ever one gets to chat with one another. At least the police officer was smiling for the picture.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love this post, Julie. What a beautiful bride you were! Congratulations on your happy marriage. !!!

Interior Design Musings said...

I love these pictures! You all look so happy. congrats on your happy marriage! M.