Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good News and Bad News - Chair Update

If you remember I've recently picked up two sets of chairs found on Craigslist.  So the good news is that my chairs are back and look like new.

I've actually had the first pair done for a while.  They looked like this when I picked them up. 

They were free :)

I wanted to brighten the mood in the living room, so I went with this green geometric chenille fabric. I found it online at and it was only $6 a yard.

They were completely redone and they turned out sleek and comfy.

Then I found another pair. Structurally they were in good shape. I didn't like the attached pillow back style but I liked the size and shape (and the fact that there were two of them- who knew it was so hard to find pairs of chairs) I paid $40 for the pair.

The upholsterer attached the back, gave them new foam and cut down on the buttons.

This is a close up of the fabric.

I love the splayed legs from behind.

They're in the sunroom where I seem to be doing a very golden beige color scheme.

I'm really happy with the way all the chairs turned out. Like I've said before, I think the older chairs are so much better in quality and they have such interesting shapes. I got to choose the fabric and I paid a lot less for them by finding old chairs and having them reupholstered than I would have if bought new chairs in a big retail chain.

The bad news is I'm out of places to put chairs. My chair collecting days appear to be over. :(


pve design said...

Happily ever after are those pairs of chairs!
Fit for the King and Queen of Monkey Grass Hill.
thanks for your sweet comment fancy friend!

the gardener's cottage said...

wow julie. i want that second pair of chairs. so keep hunting for new ones and when you get sick of these we'll figure out how to get them to me. i love the first set also. love the green, it really is your color.

Bonnie said...

Both sets are fabulous. And would go beautifully in a couple of rooms in my own home..... (Just sayin') I agree older upholstered furniture is of much better quality. As far as the bad news, hum.... well, I did mention the above. Job well done!

Leslie said...

I really like them, they turned out great, very chic - very you! I need to get over and check out these and the chandelier.
Happy 4th!


Erica said...

Those pairs of chairs are gorgeous!

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

ida said...

I am green with can chairs be free????in the UK they would have wanted at least £50 each whatever state they were in & the other 2 $40 dollars....think I had better get a large van and visit the US pronto.....totally amazed!!

Happy Independence day. Ida x

About Last Weekend said...

They looks so elegant, you're right they had such interesting shapes and you don't always get that with new chairs. Have to say they look like those incredibly expensive Donghia ones!