Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Survival Party

Did you hear about the storm we had on Friday? It was CRAZY! Our power was out for 3 days (many still don't have it back yet). But in true Monkey Grass Hill fashion we made the most of it, and had a "survival/cook what's in your freezer before it goes bad" party with some of our neighbors.

the kids played in the hose and mud all day

then we ate the most random combination of food

and when the sun set we lit some candles. 

It was REALLY hot! But being with friends helped pass the time. 

 I'm sure it'll be a lasting memory for the kids too. 

Drew said he never wants to watch TV again it was so much fun not having power. 

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pve design said...

I love how you power through things and always bring light and joy to so many.

Bonnie said...

Julie, One of my fondest memories is one winter when we were without power for a week because of an ice storm. We had a gas grill and a hugh wood burning fireplace. The neighbors would bring over what was melting, we wrapped up in blankets and quilts. I am sure I only remember the fun parts, but those are the memories that should stick with us. I am glad all is getting back to normal. Bonnie

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You know you can have the best times when the unexpected happens. One year we had a terrible ice storm and my husband and I and our 3 dogs lived in our bedroom with out power or water for about 3 days. We have a kerosene heater that kept us toasty - and we even heated cans of food on it! Glad everyone's okay! Have a great 4th, Julie!


shell said...

Those children are so adorable and the dog is cute too!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I heard about this, late. Our news was focused on the fires in Colorado. These kids don't look bothered at all. In fact, it looks like a normal summer event.

Nancy said...

Fantastic fun times turning the negative around! I love what Drew said. Hope your life if back to normal. All these evening storms are crazy! ( Im in Manassas)
Thanks for turning me onto Novica. I love their things, and the moderate prices!