Monday, July 30, 2012

We're back

We've been in beautiful Coronado beach/San Diego California for the past week. 

It was a week of getting close

 spending time with family

Admiring nature's beauty 

and learning about other species

 getting wet 

and acting silly

The house has also been under a major renovation for the past five weeks. 
I'll be back to show you some before and afters once we reach "after".  

Oh, the dust!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Looks like a great time. And aren't you the smart girl - checking out while the reno is going on - excited to see the changes, even though I already loved what you had to start with!

pve design said...

How nice to get away. I do love that about escapes....the getting close. We stayed in close quarters while we were away and it was so much fun sharing one bath....I thought we need to do this more often! Love Love Love your white cover up!

the gardener's cottage said...

so glad you had a nice time and weather to match. don't you love coronado? can't wait to see the renovation progress. xo

Bonnie said...

It looks the perfect holiday. I especially love the "getting wet" part. It is the only way to survive this summer's heat wave.

I can't believe I missed Drew's birthday post. Please wish him a belated Happy Birthday. What a fabulous party.

I can't wait to see your remodeling project! Have a great week.

About Last Weekend said...

Great fun family photos and love your cover-up!