Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Appreciation for Succulents

While strolling through the beautiful grounds of the Del Coronado hotel a couple weeks ago I noticed that gardens were exploding with big beautiful succulents that I've never seen the likes of.  I never realized how many different colors and shapes succulents come in. And I never really appreciated their beauty before, but I do now! 

Everyone knows how easy they are-- just break off a little piece and plop it in some dirt give it a little water every now and then and they'll be happy. 
They're the definition of LOW maintenance plants.  
Throughout the week, as I walked by these amazing plants, I had to keep telling myself that if I broke off a piece to take home that would be stealing -- and that is wrong. 

On our last evening we were invited to have dinner at the home of one of Matt's childhood friends.
We ate in the garden and the whole time I was distracted by her succulent garden.  I knew that even though her husband is a police officer, she probably wouldn't press charges if I broke off a piece of one her plants. But, I thought I better just ask anyway(especially since they just fed us). 
You know how gardeners are... eager to share and excited to talk about their plants. 
So, our wonderful hostess grabbed a bag and some scissors and around we went snipping and clipping -- I was positively giddy. 

Then she grabbed her keys told me to get in the car. 
We drove down the road to see some pots that she had just planted for a  friend (using clippings from her own garden).
Gardeners are all the same--we love to share!

(Thank you T!)

Have you discovered the beauty and ease of succulents yet? 


pve design said...

I wonder if the "succulent laws" are about to change.
Good thing your friend aided and abetted to share her addiction for wonderful succulents. They look almost unreal.

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

your hostess is gorgeous and so are her planted pots. these are all v popular round these parts. a friend gave me 2 to babysit for her and i killed them both. it's true.


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I love succulents and have been meaning to get a few but I will most likely kill them. In the interest of the plants, I have left them where they are. :)

Suzy said...

Oh my, these are amazing!!! Yes, I remember when I was a child, someone introduced hens and chicks to my mother - and they would grow and have babies, and live through the (then) incredibly snowy and cold winters! I have planted containers of succulents - love them! But the varieties shown in your photos are outstanding! I loved the photos so much, I didn't actually read the copy - will do that now....dying to know the variety names of them...does your friend know???? Thanks so much for this post.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

You were in Coronado?
I am a little behind in blogging as I am on yet another blog vacation :)
I just drove home from Coronado yesterday! (6 hour drive)
We have a condo there, it is our retreat from the Phoenix heat. It was still 106 degrees here in Phoenix at 8:00 p.m. last night so I'm heading back over there soon for a 2-3 week stay.

The Del is so charming.

Bonnie said...

We have a small container of succulents. Often most think of succulents as the prickly cactus, but there are so many beauties out there. It the heat and drought continue I will be planting many more. I think the best compliment for a gardener is to be ask for a cutting. Happy Tuesday.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

indeed...a friend once told me while I was expecting my first child that all of my house plants would die from neglect once the baby arrived. Haunted me. Well, not true....I just switched to succulents. So easy

Recently planted large agave flanking my front door. The image of the potted collection has inspired me to do the same by the back door. Can't wait!

Lakesprite said...

Just beautiful! Will you have to bring them indoors for the winter?

The Pink Pagoda said...

They are gorgeous. How fantastic is T? I hope you'll share how yours grow. And Hotel Del Coronado is so gorgeous. I know you had an amazing time!

French Basketeer.com said...

Julie, you are too cute; I love the pics of you and your succulents...I am too shy to show my face on the blog! Are you in Coronado often?? thanks for stopping by; let's get you to one of the dinners one of these days!

Interior Design Musings said...

They look amazing. I posted about them at the beginning of the summer as a very hot trend these days. Seeing them in lots of wedding bouquets. Love your new planter - very generous host! M.

About Last Weekend said...

I've never seen that top one before that is very very cool. We stayed at the Coronado many years ago and its such an atmospheric place, site of that Marilyn Monroe move (Some Like It Hot?)