Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doctors, Decor and Decorum

  • Didn't see that coming
  • London Hospital Tour
  • Barf bowls and pendant lights
  • Fun with bowls (not bowels)
  • Won't be buying one of those
  • Boys will be boys

These are just a few of the titles I considered for this post. Can you guess what it's about? 
It had been a normal Sunday afternoon and we had just finished up a dinner of roasted chicken, quinoa and tomato salad and little mint chip ice cream (this is relevant because it "comes up later").  We retired to the reception room (that's living room) and started watching TV. 

Suddenly, I began feeling stomach pains. Gas maybe?... They quickly got stronger...Ulcer?  Soon the pain was stabbing and shooting and I felt like I was in labor (NO, No chance of that!).
I began shaking and sweating from the pain. 
Finally I announced, we need to go to the hospital. 

While Matt and Drew stumbled around finding just the right trousers and socks to wear for the walk over to a hospital, I stood in the rain waiting and waiting and waiting--yes it felt like a lifetime. And yes, we walked in the rain to the hospital, only taking one wrong turn. I'm a low maintenance kinda girl even in times of stress. 

Luckily I was able to walk right in and be seen by a Doctor after a relatively short wait. He was English, young, handsome seemed to know what he was doing and talking about. He only took one personal call while examining me and quickly diagnosed I was in pain. I would need a CT to determine what the problem was, some pain killers and a barf bowl. 
He handed me one of these. 

My first thought was , "Now this is an excellent use of recycled materials."
It reminded me of these upcycled pendant lights I had just seen at the The Conran shop

I took pictures of these upcycled cardboard pendant lights because I thought it was very clever and maybe could be a craft project to try with Drew. 

I told the Doc about the pendant lights I'd seen earlier at the Conran shop and his response was, "what's up with that place?" Apparently some other clients, customers, guests, patients had also mentioned the shop that day. We both just shrugged and said, "who shops there "?
At this point I'm thinking, am I in the twilight zone?...

After using said recycled product for my "upcycle" the doctor asked if he could make a joke about my dinner. I ask you people, "is this normal?".   Sure, make a joke, especially if I'm on my deathbed and it's at my expense. It wasn't that funny, so I'll spare you. 

Fast forward, after a sleepless night in the hospital and worsening pain and still no diagnosis, Drew and Matt come up for a visit. Drew has a cup of cocoa that he has declared the best cocoa ever. He asks if I can stay at the hospital a little longer so he'll be able to get another cup tomorrow. Then he notices the bowls look like little cowboy hats--kinda like a fascinator for boys. 
Matt thinks they make for a great tossing game. After a quick match of,
Toss the barf bowl on the sick lady's foot. 
it's required all patients wear these lovely stockings. Please not the stack of bowls on shelf.
my pain took a turn for the worse and I asked them to please leave. Before he left, Matt took a picture of me with an oxygen mask on--saying, "we'll laugh about this later" then my men headed home. 

It turns out I had appendicitis and some other issue with a tangled intestine that had some adhesion connecting it to my bowel. Luckily my surgeon is a specialist who gives talks in DC about rare medical oddities. He's got my stuff in a jar and he's going to show it to me tomorrow. If you want to get a closer look, book your tickets now for his US tour coming in April. 

Drew and Matt will be opening for him with an act called
 Little Cowboys Do Singing in the Rain

I'm home now and recovering just fine. But, as I was gathering my stuff for the walk home, I paused a moment about the experience and the unused bowls sitting on my bedside table. I thought they really are amazing, we could paint them, decoupage them, serve chips in them, use them for Halloween costumes, the possibilities are endless...


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Oh dear...I am glad that it is all sorted and the whole episode is now surely going to be family folklore. A speedy full recovery to you!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I am laughing and feeling terrible all at the same time. I am happy it has a happy ending. Your husband is creative. Glad it's over. Be well.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am glad you are on the mend but what a funny story! My husband would have made a toss game (pardon the pun) with the bowls/hats too.

Bonnie said...

Oh I am so happy to hear all ended well. I don't know how you managed to walk to the hospital. Wow! Your fellows remind me of my classroom boys....give them a bucket and it will always end up on their head. It has to be a male thing! Hugs!

Interior Design Musings said...

Wow! I did not expect this post to go this way. So glad you are feeling better. Sounds like a rough experience. Love that you were thinking interior design the entire time! M.

onnery said...

What a story for posterity!! I am glad you are on the mend and can't wait for the post on the repurposed emesis "hat"!

pve design said...

Oh Julie, I am so glad you were able to find the humor and style in all of this. Poor thing. Hope you are on the mend.

webb said...

Glad you're doing well - appendicitis is not fun! Sounds like your first serious bout with English medicine went pretty well. hope you get well quickly.