Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chair Obsession

For about 2 years now I have been obsessed with chairs. In fact, one night a telemarketer was calling and my son (just 3 years old then) asked who it was. I simply said, "oh someone selling something." Without skipping a beat he said, "mom you better answer, they might be selling chairs."

So, here starts my journey in blogging.

I've been picking up chairs that have what I consider unique and classic shapes.

I would say most are structurally unsound.

I go to fabric stores pretty regularly, looking for fabric to use one day when I reupholster these chairs.

About a year ago I took a crack at doing one with some YouTube instructions and it turned out OK. Although it's technically not finished yet. Don't look too closely.

So, this year My New Years resolution is to finally take a class and either bring these chairs back to life (and able to be sat upon again) or get them out of the shed and my office once and for all. My class starts January 20th, and I can't wait!! So till then I'm trying to figure out which chair I'll do first, and finally pull the trigger on the fabric purchase. I'll keep you posted.

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