Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living Room Chair Before

I never liked it - Chair transformation

I grew up with these yellow velvet chairs. I don't remember ever sitting in them. I think they were special furniture (kind of fancy for our house).

It's funny how taste change, or why we end up being attracted to some things. Even though I never liked these chairs, they were some of the first furniture pieces I brought into my new house almost 3 years ago. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them when I asked my mom if I could have them. At that point they were stained and the cane sides were broken and I didn't really like the color of the fruitwood. Although this yellow is making a comeback right now, it's never been a color I like.

Anyway, I call these my batman chairs because the shape of the backs. I ended up ripping out the cane sides and staining them almost black and covering them with a very small print that reminded me of zebra. I found it on the remnant table, so I got a great price.

Fabric close up

I didn't do the upholstery on these, I paid someone to do it. Materials and labor came to $190 each.

Chairs After

One reason I love old chairs and like to rework them is that they are so much sturdier and much better quality than the chairs you buy new these days. The old ones are actually made of real wood--not composite that chips and scratches as soon as you get it home.

So they're unique, good quality, one-of-a-kind, and you can't beat that price!

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