Friday, February 19, 2010

A Complete Style Departure

I can't stop thrifting. I saw these chairs on my trip the other day and have been thinking about them since. I went back and asked the woman to come down on the price, and ended up getting them for $60. I think they are mid-century modern, which is a completely different direction for me to be going with furniture. Even the color of the wood is something new for me. Something about them spoke to me though.
They looked really gross! I didn't even sit on them to make sure they were sturdy. Luckily they are in really good condition once the nasty fabric was removed.
I stopped at the fabric store on the way home, and now I have four chairs at the sunroom table again.
I think the curved back looks nice with the oval table.

You can see the old chair style in the background. They were starting to fall apart. One literally broke when I sat in it last week. Believe me, Matt is having a field day, giving me a hard time about that.
So now I keep flip flopping about what to do with the wood. Originally I was going to paint it and the table to match. But I really like the natural color, especially in this sunny room.

I'm planning on getting a jute rug, so the natural would probably look nice with that. I don't think the chair colors work with the buffet at all. If I keep the chairs natural I think I should get rid of the buffet or paint it white?

What do you think?


Courtney said...

Love the shape - I think they would look cool if you painted them - maybe each a different color? Maybe not. :) Paint & distress, that's what I say. :)

~Chandelier No. 4~ said...

LOVE your new chairs! I would keep the chairs natural AND keep the buffet its current dark color. For some reason, it's all working for me!

You could continue to play up the variation in wood (while also tying the buffet in) by adding an accessory to the table in an espresso finish.

LOVE it! Such a GREAT find!

Brooklynvt said...

What an amazing price...those chairs are PERFECT!!! Love them au natural! The room works for me too, but I'd rather you paint the buffet then the chairs...if need be :)