Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rise to the Challenge

This is where I blog and make phone calls, plan home renovations, and write thank you notes. (The mirror is not dirty, it's just very old and cloudy in spots from age.)
Every thing I need for these tasks is in the drawers. It has become a catch all for storing things that are used or needed frequently--Its my office. The junk drawer attitude frustrates my husband to no end--what's he doing in my desk anyway?....

So this week Lauren of Pure Style Home challenged her readers to clean out a junk drawer. This was a challenge I knew I could handle.

The desk has three drawers. None of them was organized

Correspondence drawer--Before

Catch all drawer --Before

Contact information, school handbooks and home project estimates drawer--Before

Correspondence drawer--After
Now I can easily find my pens, stamps, sticky notes, note cards, and my new self-stamping return address stamper (which I love).

Catch all drawer--After
This drawer now neatly holds all the cords and charges I use weekly for cameras, phones, iPods, etc. I have a little bit of an obsession with calling cards too. So, in the back I have my family card and my personal card.

Contacts and contracts drawer --After
It's now organized using very colorful file folders I got in the dollar section at Target. I know there's a lot of color going on in there, but it's nice to get a little jolt when the rest of the house is so neutral. I love pink and green, I just don't want to be surrounded by it all the time. So putting it in a drawer works for me.

I lined them all with some black and white wrapping paper, because it's what I had on hand. I'll probably swap that out with something a little more subtle once I find that something.

I'm thrilled with the new an improved workspace, and boy was it easy to do!


Lauren said...

Julie- they look great!!! Thanks so much for joining in!!

Love what I'm seeing of your blue & zebra (I think?) calling cards in the back- so much fun.


carla said...

Julie, wow looks amazing, I am off to organize a drawer or two in my house.