Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The kids are all right.

Last summer we took a vacation to a lake in NY.  I brought home some tadpoles and set them free in my pond.  I wondered about them through the winter.  In late spring I did a post about putting in a new fountain in the front pond  I was cleaning out the pond and just about jumped out of my socks when I found two HUGE tadpoles.  I wondered, had the ones I brought home turned into frogs and then had enough time to lay eggs.

Well after a visit to our local nature center I found out the toads take up to two years to turn from tadpoles to toads. All right then, I've got toadpoles :) I was still very excited.

A few weeks ago I was adjusting the fountain and something jumped from the side into the water.  Yeah! They turned into toads. I have since seen both of them.

I am so excited about these little guys I can't get into my car w/o peaking over the hedge to see if they're out sunning themselves.

Are they cute? Or is this the face only a mother could love?....


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Julie, that is so sweet . And I love toads! Somehow they seem so wise. My kids have always loved them too and they have been peed on by lots of them :)

the gardener's cottage said...

that is a face only a mother could love! but so, so cute.


ps ~ i saw that movie this weekend and loved it.

Phil Holland said...

How cute, I remember toads in florida. We would find them at night play with them for a few hours.