Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notice Anything Different About Me?

Yep! I got a new header

My sister has been such a big supporter of me doing this blog. But, after I got my first post up she called and said, "I thought you were going to have a monkey in the header, you know,  to tie in the name."

I told her that was going to have to wait, it would require finding someone who could create such a work of art just for me, and I really didn't think I was "there" yet.

So for the first 8 months of Monkey Grass Hill I've been fine with standard issue blogger templates and the free background artwork  (with the embarrassing "free" tag attached). Who can complain when it's free though - thank you Shabby Blogs.

But this summer I discovered a fellow blogger and artist who creates blog headers.  Check out how chic her profile picture is.

 Fast forward a couple months. Not only did I get a very unique and very fun blog header that includes a monkey created by none other than the wonderful Patricia van Essche of PVE Design, but she also created a beautiful sketch of my house. The original now hangs proudly in my living room.

If you haven't visited PVE yet head on over. She really creates beautiful sketches that are whimsical and full of life.  She also creates beautiful notecards which she sells via her etsy shop.

Thank you AGAIN Patricia. I feel so fortunate to have met you!


pve design said...

You are the best! The box arrived.
A pleasure to be your "monkey in the middle!"
Happy days to you here at monkey grass hill~

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

i love, love, love it. i'm so jealous! patricia has done it again. i love the incorporation of the little monkey's. perfect.


Aspiring Kennedy said...

I love Patricia- congrats on the pretty new header. And I love that you have the original in your living room. What a special piece. :)

Anonymous said...

So jealous we missed out on that estate sale! Great post!! We love PVE & your new header too!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Julie, love the new look for your blog! She really captured your house, too - so classic and timeless.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules, love the new look! In fact, I thought that maybe you'd done the drawing until I read on. Such a perfect likeness of the house, can't wait to see the original in your living room!

rustic rooster interiors said...

Beautiful Header! I just found your blog... Your header brought me in! LOVE it!