Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Is Monkey Grass?

Monkey grass is in bloom. You might know it as Liriope.

 This weekend we were having lunch outside with friends and ended up having a lengthy conversation about monkey grass. 

We decided to get together for dinner the next night at our house. 

I used a pewter candy dish for nuts and big footed bowl drinks. 

I was feeling cheeky and thought it would funny to make the centerpiece out of monkey grass.

I used extra long purple candles I've had for ages. I've almost thrown them away so many times because I couldn't imagine ever doing a table in purple.

My estate sale Rosenthal china tied in perfectly!

Herbs on the napkins were the finishing touch.

I put the silverware on the wrong sides AGAIN.

Drew had to get into the act. So he set the kids table.

He found inspiration in the tie dye napkins we made last week.  (We used napkins that were stained that were headed for the trash.)

He insisted on having bread plates too.  And he kept snatching the candles from the adult table.

He did his floral arrangement all by himself.  Watch out Eddie!

We all had a wonderful night. It was the perfect way to end the summer.


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great farewell to summer! And that Monkey Grass really looks great!

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

awww, that is so cute. watch out eddie! the monkey grass is so cool and your table was gorgeous. only one thing wrong, i wasn't there. boo-hoo.


Dovecote Decor said...

Monkey Grass: I have a minor rant on the discussion of Liriope (pronounced like calliope) Muscari. It has the common name as a grass, but it is in the Lilly family! This might just be a sickness, but calling a lilly, a common grass, hurts my feelings. Here is the rule of thumb for "grass" classification and their cousins: "Sedges have edges (like papyrus), rushes are round, grasses are hollow from the top to the ground (like bamboo). So, your Monkey Grass is really an elegant Lilly.
I love it too, but it is not grass.

pve design said...

You need to show your marvelous monkey grass tables to Eddie, and if you don't, I will take that monkey off your back and show them to him myself.
He would be so charmed to know that his efforts are rubbing off and causing each of us to go bananas.
I think I need some monkey business in my life.

Anonymous said...

A perfect way to end summer indeed! Love the herbs on the napkins.


Lauren said...

Julie- Oh my gosh they're all so pretty!! I was glad for the explanation of monkey grass too :) (I never knew what it was!)

Also, love your outside sofa- oh my goodness!