Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bats In The House!

My little guy loves Halloween. It might be his favorite holiday. Seriously, he talks about Halloween and looks forward to it more than Christmas.  The day after his birthday (in July) he started asking when we could start decorating for Halloween.  Last year we had a kids costume party.  

 I was a pirate

 Drew was a skeleton

I'll be honest, I don't love this holiday and never decorated before last year, but it's so much more fun now that Drew gets so excited. I try to keep it friendly though because I think it's gotten out of hand and the decorations you're bombarded with from Michael's craft store to the party store even in restaurants could give a child and some adults nightmares for months.

 Yesterday I  brought down our Halloween box.  Here is what we've done so far.

For the party last year we cut out a bunch of bats (something we saw in a magazine) and taped them all over the house. I just put them up again on the windows walls and mirrors throughout the house.

I bought this friendly ghost and vintage looking decorations at Marshalls a few years ago on clearance.


I plopped the pumpkin on a boston fern in an urn in our entryway.  (After a few years, I'm over the fern and all the little dead leaves it drops EVERY day.)

The cute little bunting/banner I bought at Target today. It's made of felt and only cost $3.50.  They had a lot of really cute ones to choose from and some were as low at $2.00.

I'm sure this is not the last you'll be hearing about Halloween from me this year. Stay tuned, I'm sure it'll be riveting :)

 Enjoy the season!


the gardener's cottage said...

i am riveted.

seriously i never was a big fan of halloween either. we always fixed up the house and got dry ice and all that crap the day of. i couldn't bear that stuff much more than one day. i'm sure that this was a great mothering move on my part that my sons now discuss w/their therapists.

enjoy with drew!


pve design said...

Even worse is that I have seen some holiday decorations starting to look like the next holiday...ho ho ho, if you know what I mean. I am lucky if I get my decorations up on the day of. We are on a hill, and it is scary enough to climb - so we really do not get too many trick-or-treaters.
Much prefer simpler decorations like you have~

Anonymous said...

How cute!! Love all of your decorations... so glad your son brings the Halloween talent out in you!


Faux Fuchsia said...

Love all this theming!

Lisa said...

Fun ideas! I think I'll make some bats!