Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage Mink

Maybe it's all those I Love Lucy episodes I watched as a kid. Remember how the ladies were always vying for a new mink?....

Something must have rubbed off on me.  I LOVE MINK!

I would never go buy a mink coat at a retail store. I could never see myself in a full length fur either.  I love the old styles, and when I see vintage coats, stoles and collars I just can't help myself.  They're so luxurious, soft, beautiful and believe it or not affordable.

But how much mink does a woman in Virginia need? This particular woman has quite a bit.  On Sunday I bought another and I can officially say now that I collect vintage mink.

It started with this stole about 7 years ago. I found it at an estate sale and paid $35 for it.  It kind of hangs like an open cape. I thought it would be fun to wear around the house in the winter instead of wrapping up in a blanket--my version of the Snuggie.  I might have worn it out once to a black tie event.

Then I bought this curly wool coat with a mink collar at an estate sale about 6 years ago. I think I paid $85 dollars for it. It was worth EVERY penny. It has velvet-lined pockets and 3/4 length sleeves. I have worn it A LOT! I wear it almost every day in the dead of winter.

 I got this mink collar/scarf a couple years ago. I've worn it a few times. I think I'll wear it more this year.

I got this collar at a consignment shop for $8. I just hung it on this dress on a hanger to give you an idea how I've worn it. I think it looks like it belongs on a coat instead of a dress though?...... I might give this one away.

This summer I found a different style stole at an estate sale. It's just one long straight piece that you can wrap around yourself. I really don't intend to ever wear it like this.

My plan from the moment I saw it was that it would be an accessory--a luxurious throw.  It looks much better on the chair. 

On Sunday I bought this curly wool coat with a white mink collar at the flea market. It was $70.  It's in mint condition and has velvet-lined pockets too.  Why did I need another?..... This one has full length sleeves, and sometimes the shorter sleeves (on the first one) could be a little challenging.

I think these old pieces have so much character. One of the things I always like to see, is how the ladies  personalized their coats and furs.  There is always a name or monogram.

And a lot of them have designs embroidered into them too. I'm sure you had to pay extra for that. This one has a big flower design.

Ester went with a smaller flower design.

I don't think I always felt so good about wearing animal fur. But I remember years ago watching a story about how fake fur is really bad for the environment. So I feel like collecting old mink is paying a tribute of sorts to the animals and their beauty. And, it's better than buying a fake fur.  Last year I made our Christmas stockings out of white burlap and I trimmed them at the top with vintage mink cuffs that had been ripped off an old coat.  They were adorable (that was before I started blogging so I don't have a picture. Hopefully they're in the box and I can post about it in December.)

What do you think? Is vintage mink chic? Or does it look like something an old lady would wear?

I'm going to end this post now, I Love Lucy reruns are on and I'm getting chilly.  

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Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

So chic! I live in Northern Virginia- do you mind sharing the flea markets you go to? Do you also have a good way to find estate sales. I've looked on Craig's List for postings about estate sales but the few I've gone to have definitely been more shack than estate.

Pat'sAdditon said...

I'm in Alexandria and I got an estate sale mink last year...great on the playground. Got some funny looks til I told the other moms the price!

Anonymous said...

I think the vintage mink is very chic and I also love a good I Love Lucy episode. In fact, I make my kids watch them on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady I think they are incredibly chic. I can't wait to see you collection. I was assisting a photo shoot this morning, but might be able to swing next Sunday to go flea marketing. Or maybe in November?

pve design said...

Did you know that fur vests are in and I bet you could make one with some of those could recycle a sweater and use the fur for the front....just saying. I know you do not need another project,but I bet you could do something fun and bring it up to date!

Summer is a Verb said...

I wear my Nana's mink over pj's in the winter! Although, I was nearly boo hissed when I sported it on the C'ville downtown mall. Luuuv your collection and I suspect that your "curly wool" is actually Persian lamb...XXOO

Stitchfork said...

Still laughing about the mink snuggie - what a stellar idea. If I found a vintage mink, I surely would not pass it up - especially if it was monogrammed! Cathy

kayce hughes said...

I think that chic is wearing something grandma in a new my vintage loving answer is yes!

Anonymous said...

Only you will appreciate this - - since Sunday, every evening after work, I come home, put on my new vintage wool, fur collared coat, elbow length black leather gloves, AND tiara - - and I proudly parade around my house!!!


Unknown said...

It is most definitely chic! I wouldn't wear it to pick the kids up at school, but...
Speaking of, when I was a teen my mother completely embarrassed me by driving me to school one day, wearing her full length mink coat as a robe! MOTHER!

Joyce said...

Love your Blog!! I just scored BIG at the local church thrift store. Full-length, pristine mink coat (just brought into store) for an amazing $7. Yes, SEVEN, no zeroes! Actually, no zeroes except the wind chill factor, perfect for my jeans & boots.
Last night it was a wonderful snuggie for TV viewing, after a day out in the c-c-c-cold. Maybe I'll wear the fantastic sheared beaver ($5, same store, same day)today.
Ladies, be sure to check out the church-sponsored stores. Prices are rock-bottom and your $$$$ will be recycled to your local community as the stores are staffed by volunteers.

Anonymous said...

I think that "curly wool" is Persian lamb. All so lovely and all so vintage.

Lawyer Mom said...

I know I'm late to this party but THANK YOU for posting that picture of your mink collar crossed in the back. Just bought one on ebay and could NOT figure out what to do with those strappy things sewn in the lining. The way you've done it looks great.

P.S. -- I've got one of those curly wool jackets too and I LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

I understand you wanting to collect. I live mink also. I live in Georgia now. My first encounter with mink was many years ago, my best friends father was a furrier. I only have 4 mink pieces all vintage. And a leather jacket with dyed fox on the shoulders and collar. It's hard to pass it up when you find it. :). I have a stroller length mink that I gave $250 for at auction. My friend said I did good. She said it would have been a $5,000 mink when new!