Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Past and Present

Truth be told, Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year.  I didn't do a fraction of the decorating that I normally do. Even the little bit of decorating I did was sort of in a "just get it done" frame of mind.

I thought I would show you our tree because even though it was done quickly, I think it reflects our family and rediscovering ornaments collected over the years is my favorite part of Christmas.

This year we got a train to go around the bottom of the tree (estate sale find this summer). It's a little loud, so we haven't been running it as much as I hoped we would.

 Every year I use this faux pearl garland. I've had it since I was single and long before I ever started designing jewelry. I think it's funny, what else would a jewelry designer use as garland?....

This blue pig is our newest memory. We got it when we were on vacation this summer at Congress Hall in Cape May. The Blue Pig is their mascot and the name of one of their restaurants.

Every year I get a mini frame and put a photo of Drew that year in it. One day I expect to have a little tree of just his pictures.  This one is his first Christmas. Those chubby cheeks still make me melt.

I also like to pick up an ornament that summarizes what Drew was into that year.  Early on he was quite an authority on animals. The zebra is one of the unbreakable animals we added to our collecting that year. I used to collect Santas, and Matt is a popcorn fanatic.

I pick up these sparkly snowflakes on clearance every year after Christmas at Target. I think they cost 50 cents for about 4 of them. With the lights reflecting on them they look very pretty.

The teddy bear is from my childhood - it's a classic.

 This one was a gift a friend brought back to me from Germany when I was in collage.

 Grandma also likes to give the grandchildren ornaments on Thanksgiving. When Drew started pre-school she gave him a set of mini school-themed ornaments. These books might be the only one that survived our annual tree falling and Drew's "help" in decorating.

The hippo is another gift from grandma.  He reminds us of our friend "Happy the Hippo" that moved from the national zoo to the Cincinnati zoo last year.

The elf is another classic from my childhood.

 This picture has nothing to do with our tree, but it has everything to do with memories. Drew took it of his beloved teddy while I was decorating and I just thought it was worth including. Notice the wear marks on his little nose.

I hope you enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane with me.
Have a Merry Christmas! 


carla said...

Looks beautiful!

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

your tree and ornaments look lovely. i hope you and your family have the most wonderful holidays imaginable. thanks for being such a dear, sweet friend this past year.