Friday, December 10, 2010

How To Deck the Hall in 60 minutes for $0

There is nothing like the pressure of inviting the entire neighborhood over for a little open house just days after returning from out of town. 

On Tuesday, I decided to have a jewelry party/open house. So I sent out invitations to all my friends and neighbors inviting them to "stop by on Thursday".  

All I would need to do is make a bunch of jewelry priced right for gift-giving, buy a bunch of snacks and drinks, decorate the house for christmas, and take care of Drew who suddenly came down with a fever. No problem :)

Yesterday (Thursday) not knowing if anyone was actually going to show up I ran out to the grocery store. As I'm apt to do, I over-stocked on sweets and treats and snacks. Then, I ran around the back yard snipping and clipping anything that wasn't dead from the recent freeze. 

I lugged the boxes of holiday decorations from the attic (via pull-down stairs).  Here is what I was able to pull together before getting Drew off to school. 

I started with the cheapest ugliest garland you can buy. I got this at a thrift store years ago. 

I draped it over the old mirror in our entry way with some battery operated lights.

 Took a bunch of different greens from the yard.

Boxwood, nandina, holly, pine.

Then I took the wire garland and wrapped it around clumps of the greens.  When I was done, there was no sign of the ugly fake garland.

In the kitchen I draped the magnolia garland I got at Pottery Barn on clearance years ago. The little fruit topiary came from my mom. She had a pair of them, but someone broke the base on one of them and she asked me if I could do anything with it. Being a collector of urns, of course I could do something with it --- whoop there it is! 

I pulled out the antlers I got at an estate years ago for $2, the little candle lights were free from an estate sale. I tucked in some holly, and two little peacock ornaments from target.

My photos are very good. This actually looks much better in person. 

I moved the fern that usually sits in the urn in the corner by the front door and let Drew decorate the fake little tree. We had a few ornament casualties, next time I'll stick with the shatterproof ones!

In the living room I did the same thing with the mirror and greens.

The jewelry was displayed in my bookshelves.

Everything on this shelf sold - YEAH!

 On the food table, I used a mix of my pewter pieces. 

 I was happy with what I got done in such a short time. 

It never looks the same, and that's half the fun. 

People showed up and I had a great day! 

This weekend we'll get the tree and I'll finish the holiday decorating. 


carla said...

The house was beautiful, as always, the food delicious and I am LOVING necklace and bracelet. Santa Baby!

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

everything looks fabulous. and i'm so jealous that you had a jewelry party w/o me. but i'm really glad it was successful. the house looks so pretty. i saw that rl used antlers in his garlands at the rhilander mansion in ny.


pve design said...

Once my studio is must come and have a show here! I love the way you just opened your home, shared your talents and make it all look so easy.
Hope your little one is feeling better.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Although I'm sure it was not, you certainly made decorating your home and preparing for your party appear effortless. My Christmas boxes are full of similar cheap garlands and you have inspired me to move beyond ribbon and ornaments.....Merry Christmas, Roxanne