Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Better Watch Out!

The call came in late Saturday afternoon as it usually does. I knew I would be getting that call soon, and I knew it would leave little time to prepare for the event it would be alerting me to.
That's how my family rolls, we like to do things on short notice and deal with the details as we go.

We all spent most of the next morning baking our selected cookies. Promptly at 1:00, with cookies still warm from the oven my siblings, nieces and nephews, Drew and I showed up prepared to swap and decorate cookies.

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Everyone dressed for comfort except the fashionista of the family. She opted to go with a "princess/ballerina festive" look. I must say she can really pull it off.

We didn't waste much time and got right to the decorating.

But as the little ones started to drift from the decorating table to enjoy the fruits of their labor and then move on to sports more fitting for growing boys hopped up on sugar.

The older kids (my sisters, brother and teenage niece) got more and more competitive with their cookies.

We all became competitive little kids trying to one-up each other with our cookie designs. It was really very funny. And, while I think everyone will agree that none of these cookies could cut it on a food network challenge, we did feel that someone had to be declared a winner.

Congratulations Catharine, your late entry really did deserve to win :)

This silly cookie decorating party with my family was my favorite part of this holiday so far. For me I think the simplest things where there are no expectations are the most fun and bring the most joy. 

Merry Christmas!
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carla said...

Ho Ho Ho!!! What a great time, I hear that it is really on for next year, special decorating kits and tools, oh boy, I will watch out.

pve design said...

what fun!!!!