Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finishing Touches

Remember when I said I was going to make a curtain to hide the laundry section of my new laundry room/pantry.

At first I thought that I would do something colorful. I bought this fabric for the laundry curtain.  But I realized I'd prefer if that part of the room just blended away.  (Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this for my slipcovers. It was a landslide vote to continue with this one for my  sunroom dining chair slip covers.)

I've had a bolt of fabric I ordered for living room curtains years ago. I didn't use it because I thought it was just too drab.

It's a very luxurious heavy velvet chenille with a lattice design. I used a little of it to recover my dining chairs, but there was a lot left over.

The drab olive actually blended quite nicely with the BM camoflage paint color on the walls.

(The color doesn't look quite right in the photos)

I did a quick cut and sew and here is how it turned out.  It works for me! 

I also finally put some art up.

Both of these pears in oil on canvas were done years ago by a local artist named 
Julie LoRusso. They were really affordable!

The changes to this room are really working out well. I've been very happy with the functionality and the storage. Now I'm happy the curtain is up!


the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie!

i love this. i wish you could come over and whip up a few things for me. is there no end to your talent. you paint too? omg.
i love the drape! i just announced your giveaway, sorry is was so late but you know what they say...better late blah, blah.


Phil Holland said...

Do you want to make some curtains for me?

itztru said...

New visitor here...popping in to take a look and to let you know that Janet says "hi"! Looking forward to reading more!

Brooklynvt said...

Love the update!

Also, just checked out your website and am in LOVE with the Peruvian Opal necklace. Adding that to my wishlist :)

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hi Julie,

Janet sent me by for a look see...and I visited your site.

I adore your oils of the pears...I'd say that considering all that you do in and around Monkey Grass Hill that you are a very busy, gifted and creative artist.

Janet has captured the most beautiful images of your bracelets on her blog today.


carla said...

What a gorgeous laundry room, original art and all. I could do laundry all day long, oh yeah I do already, UGH!

Carole said...

Just discovered your site thanks to Janet at The Gardner's Cottage. I'll be a regular visitor. Love your jewelry! Am I entered in the contest?


bluehydrangea said...

Love the curtains! Your laundry room is now officially nicer than my living room!!

Stitchfork said...

Looks stellar! Like the black backgroung of the pear picture too.
xo Cathy

tera @ elgin eco-house said...

Janet says "hi!"

Love the new vintage and finishing touches lines. Very lovely.

and your pantry/laundry room is too sweet!

Look forward to keeping up with your blog.

life, in small chunks said...

Love the pear paintings! The room looks so beautiful - and it's completely functional as well? Perfect!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Janet sent me your way...your jewelry is beautiful!

I love your finishing touches on your laundry room/pantry. Makes me wish I could sew. Love the chandelier too!

Anonymous said...

Janet sent me your way and I'm glad she did.

Windlost said...

Wow, you are talented. I love the curtain and the pear. Nice work indeed. Looks very crisp.

Just looked at those signature bracelets again - so pretty!

xo Terri

NancyO. said...

If only my laundry area looked like this...

I'm now a follower and love your jewelry creations, especially the triple turquoise.


pve design said...

My laundry area looks more like a set out of "silence of the lambs" - if only I had a space to elegant....
Can you show us your machine...your sewing machine that you whip up all these fabrics upon.
Great curtain, looks so french bistro.

Kathleen Haynes said...

Hello! It is such a good day when one of the blogs I read leads me to a new, wonderful jem of a blog I didn't know existed. I am thrilled to bookmark your blog and become a loyal reader! I love what you're doing and your designer's eye. Thank you for posting!


Leslie said...

You are so crafty! The curtains look perfect, as does the original artwork. I need to see this laundry room makeover in person.


Unknown said...

This looks truly fabulous...wow!