Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Indoor Gardening

Holiday Amaryllis

Drew came down with the bug I had earlier this week so we were house bound today.  I took advantage of being inside and did a little indoor gardening. I have so many plants that it takes some time for me to water, prune and tend to them.

Maiden hair Fern

I particularly love ferns, orchids and anything in topiary form. These all usually require a little more attention and can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly.

favorite fern - don't know what the name is

I don't know how to style my shelves and flat surfaces so, I tend to fill my space with plants.

Begonia - my brother gave me a single leaf cutting a year ago

It's official, I'm a plant collector.

Myrtle - also was a small cutting from my brother a year ago 

I like this plant, but I can't figure out what to do with it. It doesn't have a big impact, but it takes up a lot of space. It's too healthy and too easy to care for, for me to give up on it.  So, I move it from corner to corner. (It's heavy!)

In this corner of the sun room I have my plants in rehab.  This topiary was the one I had in front of my house over the summer. It's not hardy, so I had to bring it in. Might be more effort than it's worth...

I really love maiden hair ferns, but they are a LOT of work. You have to find just the right place for them and basically water them every day. Who has that kind of time?  Not me, so why am I trying to nurture this little piece of root into another bigger time sucker?... I don't know, but I'm watering it every day now too. It's too cute in that tiny little urn.

I cook with rosemary sometimes several times a week. I like to save some of the stems, using just the bottom leaves for cooking. I put the stems in a cup of water in the window and in a couple weeks they'll have roots. I like to turn these into topiaries too--another time sucker!

I haven't given up on creating a healthy thriving garden under glass either.  I've spent hours trying different plants, different containers, reading about the right planting technique and planting medium.  It's supposed to be easy and "foolproof". The plants are supposed to water themselves. I always end up with mold. 

I don't know why, but I thought I would give it one more try. I put this one together when everyone else was putting up christmas trees. So far so good!  And the mini orchid is sprouting new buds. 

My secret for success this time?  I just threw dirt in a big glass jar and added some plants I had around. No charcoal, no gravel, no fussing.

In the sunniest corner of my house I have a fiddle leaf fig (I had been wanting one for years). I got it at Home Depot last summer. I think it has a big impact I only hope I can keep it going through the winter.

I also have a couple lemon trees.  Did you know that you can grow lemon tress from the seeds of a grocery store lemon?  It was news to me, so Drew and I did a little experiment. We're going on 2 years now with 3 trees, no fruit, but going strong -- anyone need lemon tree?

So hours have been spent on my indoor garden. I really enjoy my plants. It's such a thrill to grow something. I also think them make the house feel alive.

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the gardener's cottage said...

omg, 2 posts in one week! i love all your plants. i too love maidenhair ferns, they are just so beautiful. i love the way you have your plants spread out everywhere and that room with all the windows looks like a greenhouse i bet. can i check into your plant rehab facility?



Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my your plants are beautiful! I love Maiden Hair Ferns also but have found them to be a little temperamental.Years ago we had a Fiddle Leaf Fig and enjoyed it a lot. Looks like you really have a green thumb.

pve design said...

Well you need to design a collection inspired by your house plants! What an inspiration....such a green have,

Filia Artis said...

I bow to your green thumb! My house is the place where houseplants go to die!