Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh Bunny! The Real Deal on drink tables

While flipping through the March issue of Veranda I read this- 

"It's hard to find the small pieces a room requires--so I made my own." Bunny Williams

She goes on to say, "Every room needs 19"-high surfaces--what I call 'fingertip height," she adds, "but they're not easy to come by". 

This drinks table perches on an indigenous wood base which is boldly carved in the 18th century “Rocaille” style consisting of vines and twigs sprouting from a rocky formation. The base has a gold gilt finish and the top is made of honed, unfilled travertine.

Additional Information:
While designed to hold your drink, don’t forget your coaster!

I agree that you need to have a place to put your drinks, but Bunny, I respectfully disagree that they are hard to find.

After thinking about this for a minute I realized that I have a growing collection of these small "drinks tables.  I haven't paid more than $100 for any of them.

THIS drinks table perches on a vintage brass base which is boldly detailed with vines and leaves swirling from a perfect circle formation. The base has an aged finish and the top is made of genuine marble.

I actually bought the pair for $40

I picked up these fun little drink tables for my patio last week at Homegoods. 

$24 each

I consider this a drinks table too. You already know I only paid $50 for this classic beauty.
And in a decorating frenzy after we first moved in I bought this one. I never loved it because it's new and I think it's cheap. Actually I paid more for this one than any other - $80 Target. It has since been banished to my husband's office.

So what's my point?...
My point is, that it's not really that hard to find little tables to put your drinks on. And, if you stop by my house for a drink you won't have to use a coaster. 


Stitchfork said...

Oh so love your attitude! Go Julie!
xo Cathy

Bruce Barone said...

You Rock!

I love your style.

Funny thing is I just won Bunny Williams new book in an online contest.

There is a pic of me reading it on my Facebook Page; it came yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Seriously! Take me estate-saleing with you! Loved the post. Roxanne

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

i so agree with you! i love that you find such cool things for such good prices. i love those little tables. i'll be by for a margarita on the rocks.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Veranda looking fantastic! Dara's doing such a great job! Love the tables too!

E + J

kayce hughes said...

Love it!


Never in my entire life would I spend more that $2400.00 for a table so that $2500.00 is out. Rats. I will just stick with HG and flea markets.....

The Art of Doing Stuff said...

Hey Julie! I found your Wheat Sheaf table! How big/tall is it? You have a much larger piece of glass on yours. It looks more coffee table sized. I'm now thinking I should get a bigger piece of glass. It all looks great! ~ karen