Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Think I Need Professional Help

Whether the "professional" is a therapist or interior decorator I'm not sure. Maybe I need both :)

After looking at the photos in my last post, I realized I didn't like the new living room arrangement. So I've continued with my game of musical furniture and done a little more moving. I put my desk up against the window, so now I have a view while I'm "working".

I brought the old zebra bench out of hiding 

and I put it under the birds which are now stacked. 

So the view when you walk in the front door looks like this.

I moved the new love seat (not sure if I went too small with this purchase) under the window 
and have the chairs flanking it.

The new/old chairs are at the upholsterer.

with this arrangement I have plenty of room for drinks tables

This is what my book shelves look like today. 
As always, this is subject to change at any given moment.

I pulled this bench down from hiding too. I felt like I needed some weight on this side of the room. 
And, it can serve as a little extra seating if we need it.

When the upholsterer came I got some bad news (or good news depending how you look at it). My dining chairs would cost way too much to fix.  He said they needed to be completely taken apart and reconstructed and suggested while were were at it I should get new fabric too. I only paid $20 for them to begin with so I'm not going to have him make the repairs on the dining chairs. Now I'll have to start a new search for MORE CHAIRS!

In the meantime I did a little dining chair switch-a-roo and I think I like like the white slipcovered chairs in the dining room better.

While the slipcovers are easy enough to wash, I needed to do it way too often since we were eating most of our meals in the sunroom (on those chairs). I think they balance out the old mirror and chandelier with a little modern/clean lines.

I think I'm done moving furniture for a while. Unless you have some suggestions...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Musical Furniture

It all started when Matt told me the couch we had in the sunroom needed to go because it was no longer comfortable.  He had had enough of it.  Ever since I've been playing musical rugs and furniture.

This rug was in the dinning room. Now in living room

Being a fixer, I immediately switched sofas so the more comfortable one would be in our family/sunroom.
This sofa and rug and dog are now in the sunroom

This started a domino effect whereby I started switching all the rugs around and editing tables and any other things I could move out.  I also went on a quest for a  sofa to replace this one.
old slip covered sofa heading out today

I have a completely different arrangement in my living room now where the built in book shelves are now the focal point so I had to declutter the shelves. I'm not very good at styling shelves, and I'm still moving things around.

I'm also going to cover all the books so that they are a little more muted. I tried the turn them backwards trick (so you're looking at the pages) but that wasn't working for us. I saw this technique of wrapping them in vellum on Summer is a verb.  What do you think? Does it just look like I'm wrapping wax paper on them? Tell me now before I do them all.

I've been getting rid of clothes and furniture too. I donated one chair three tables 5 bags of clothes a mantle, and some books to Purple Heart.  Then I picked up 5 new old chairs at an estate around the corner.  I only paid $10 for all of them.

Two of them are for the patio so they shouldn't really count:) The other two are going in my new living room.

I've ordered this fabric and the upholsterer is coming this week to pick them up.  Yes, you heard me right, I hired a professional to do these chairs.  

And finally with the warmer weather I was able to work on the pond a little. I really liked the urn fountain I had last year, but it was just too much work to keep it flowing evenly and it splattered a lot of water, so I had to always add water to the pond.

As  I was looking out at my garden I realized that the little statue I have tucked into some plants is actually a fountain. I hooked up the little cherub and it's working as a temporary option.

Although people think he's a little boy peeing when they first see him. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with photos of my new living room and chairs. Thanks for checking in with me today.