Monday, March 21, 2011

Musical Furniture

It all started when Matt told me the couch we had in the sunroom needed to go because it was no longer comfortable.  He had had enough of it.  Ever since I've been playing musical rugs and furniture.

This rug was in the dinning room. Now in living room

Being a fixer, I immediately switched sofas so the more comfortable one would be in our family/sunroom.
This sofa and rug and dog are now in the sunroom

This started a domino effect whereby I started switching all the rugs around and editing tables and any other things I could move out.  I also went on a quest for a  sofa to replace this one.
old slip covered sofa heading out today

I have a completely different arrangement in my living room now where the built in book shelves are now the focal point so I had to declutter the shelves. I'm not very good at styling shelves, and I'm still moving things around.

I'm also going to cover all the books so that they are a little more muted. I tried the turn them backwards trick (so you're looking at the pages) but that wasn't working for us. I saw this technique of wrapping them in vellum on Summer is a verb.  What do you think? Does it just look like I'm wrapping wax paper on them? Tell me now before I do them all.

I've been getting rid of clothes and furniture too. I donated one chair three tables 5 bags of clothes a mantle, and some books to Purple Heart.  Then I picked up 5 new old chairs at an estate around the corner.  I only paid $10 for all of them.

Two of them are for the patio so they shouldn't really count:) The other two are going in my new living room.

I've ordered this fabric and the upholsterer is coming this week to pick them up.  Yes, you heard me right, I hired a professional to do these chairs.  

And finally with the warmer weather I was able to work on the pond a little. I really liked the urn fountain I had last year, but it was just too much work to keep it flowing evenly and it splattered a lot of water, so I had to always add water to the pond.

As  I was looking out at my garden I realized that the little statue I have tucked into some plants is actually a fountain. I hooked up the little cherub and it's working as a temporary option.

Although people think he's a little boy peeing when they first see him. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with photos of my new living room and chairs. Thanks for checking in with me today.


Dovecote Decor said...

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Dovecote Decor said...

Loved the post! Come visit us at Dovecote Decor to see our fabulous French Basketeer Giveaway!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I have been down that road myself. Seems harmless enough - move one little chair. We did that at my mom's once while I was down visiting her and we were up til 2:00 a.m carrying around accessories and re-placing them. Insane. Love those estate sale chairs - and a professional reupholster is the way to go with those!

Stitchfork said...

Wow - you've been busy! And yes, I did a double take on the fountain statue!
xo Cathy

Kate said...

I love the fabric you picked out for your chairs. Im glad you posted today - I just recently discovered your blog and gorgeous jewelry and was hoping that you would be back!

Anonymous said...

Julie, You crack me up! Way to go on the merry go round of sofas and rugs. Cannot wait to see the end result. Roxanne

the gardener's cottage said...

hi julie,

oh the domino effect. i so know it and hate it. i love the fabric for the new chair, it's perfect. and the color is so you!!!!!!

i don't know about the books. i turned mine backwards for christmas and i like the way it looked but hated that i couldn't find a book right away. i finally put them all in the office just the regular was and i'm much happier. the velum seems ok but a lot of work. last year i went to the pasadena showcase house and the library had all the books covered in the same linen colored covers and it was awful. just no life at all to them. so that's my opinion, for what it's worth.


ps - and the roses have only received the compost we made. i will be feeding them soon. the first blooms are always huge and then the repeating blooms not so much.

About Last Weekend said...

Wow - you've been incredibly busy! Love how you're moving furniture around - I can't do that because I don't have the vision for putting it anywhere else. Really like the colour behind your bookcase, my friend has a swirly groovy wallpaper behind hers. Love that material you ordered - it will look fantastic! (you do love chartreuse as much as me!)

Summer is a Verb said...

Omg my ears musta been burning! I think it looks fab and I can not tell you how many compliments we've received on our vellum covered books. Everyone that sees them loves them. So get covering! XXOO

Interior Design Musings said...

A girl after my own heart! I simply adore moving my furnishings around. My husband once said that Helen Keller would hate living with me! Can't wait to see the finished product on your new chairs - the fabric is fabu! M.

Kathleen said...

I have to give the book covers a big thumbs down. Half the fun of having a book on a shelf is to look at it, browse the collection, admire the different colors and fonts, different sizes. why have books up there at all if you are going to cover them and turn them around? this is the first i have heard of this practice! dislike!