Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life Is Good & 200% for Japan

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Yesterday was my birthday, and my mother wrote in my card, "life is good".  My birthday always falls right around the peak bloom time for the national cherry blossoms - the gift from Japan. It's really beautiful around here this time of year.

Yes, for me and my family life is very good. But for so many in Japan life is tragic.

I tear up just thinking about their losses and the pain.  In my world my struggles consist of where to place my new love seat.  While others are without the basic necessities of shelter, water, electricity, food, and have lost so many loved ones.
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I want to do something to help. This morning I asked Matt what percentage of my jewelry sales I should donate. Without hesitating he said, "100% and my company will match it to bring it up to 200%".

So this month 200% of Julie LoRusso Jewelry sales will be donated to the Japanese relief fund.

I will donate ALL of the proceeds from the sales of my jewelry and that will be matched dollar for dollar by my husband's employer.

If you're looking for that something special to wear for Easter or a one-of-kind mother's day gift or you just want to help too, check out my website.

Shipping in the US is free and all purchases come wrapped in a pink box with a beautiful satin ribbon.

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the gardener's cottage said...

julie, you guys are awesome. i'm writing a post now and linking to this. you are is good.


Anonymous said...

That is so incredibly generous of both of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm dashing right over to your store....... You are amazing! Roxanne

About Last Weekend said...

Happy Birthday, what a beautiful time of the year! I hope you had a lovely day. And what a generous offer, that is so touching.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday friend!

pve design said...

Life is good and I want to order the :on the rocks and the blue sky from you!