Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My "Patina Style" Powder Room

When it comes to decorating my house I have to say my train of thought is a little all over the place.  One little purchase can send me in a completely different direction. Which is what happened in my powder room. 

I've always thought the novelty of vessel sinks would wear off quickly, so they weren't even on my radar. 

But I saw this mirror at my local thrift store for $25 and LOVED it. It immediately made me think of Brooke and Steve Gianetti's world famous bathroom. 

So then I thought I HAVE to find a vintage/antique table for the vanity 
and I HAVE to use a vessel sink. 

I found this little table with a lower shelf and drawer at a little antiques mall. 

Once the old sink was removed it was obvious that the new table wasn't as high, and wouldn't cover the spot w/o wallpaper (and I didn't have enough paper to redo that area). 

My contractor said he could cut a piece of wood and paint it white 
so it would blend in to the wallpaper. 
I decided the demilune would have to be painted white too 
so it would look like all one piece. 

The faucet came with the sink and was ordered from Overstock.com. so I really didn't put a whole lot of thought into that. 
I found this Steuben ashtray at the flea market a while ago. 
It's the perfect soap dish.

The baskets in the back are holding the extra TP. 
I found them about a year ago at Ross and now I need to find one more 
bigger one for the bottom. 
(I'm not holding my breath though.)

The little vintage chandelier came from the same antiques mall as the table. It was only $50!
So far I've had mostly positive feedback. 

To see before pictures check out the post about wallpapering this powder room Here.


Anonymous said...

I'm all over the place too. But I love your powder room.

pve design said...

I love how you share the mostly positive feedback.
I love it and have a vessel sink for my powder room planned.

the gardener's cottage said...

julie i love, love, love it! it is so hard to stay on course in decorating with so many fabulous ways to go. i think you are doing a fabo job of it. xo janet

Bonnie said...

Oh so very pretty! All of my bathrooms need redoing. You have given me inspiration. Bonnie

carla said...

I love it, even better in person, the pictures don't do it justice.

Anonymous said...

Put the cabinet back in. The room need more drama nad the baskets don't do it. But mostly positive....

Velvet and Linen said...

So pretty! I'm thrilled to know that you found my powder room to be inspiring. Now your bathroom will inspire others! Great job.


About Last Weekend said...

I really love a nice baroque mirror, it goes with all styles. In fact I'm looking for one for our entry to go over our rope chest. Your bathroom looks lovely and for such a great price, well done!

GoodyCandles.com said...


Great job on your powder room! I could live in it.

Is this the theme for your whole house?