Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thrift Store Brawl

It never really turned into a brawl, but there were some crazy ladies looking for deals in the thrift store last week. 

I asked the manager if she could give me a better price on a set of china marked $75. 

 She said," $30". 
I said, "sold!" 
and a voice from behind us said, "Wait! I wanted that! 
I just asked her (pointing to another staff person) about it." 
There was a bit of a heated discussion between the three of us, but the manager was with me and I had my hand on the goods. So I walked out with a basket of these.  

And I'll be setting a table something like this on Sunday for breakfast with friends. 

I didn't really need another set of china. But I just love that it's such a happy design 
and for $30 I can use it everyday. 


the gardener's cottage said...

i can just see this unfolding too. people get crazy at thriftshops and esp estate sales. so how far would you have taken this julie? outside? xo janet

what a cute table setting!

Stitchfork said...

and the winner is--Julie! Worth stading firm for this happy set!
xo Cathy

pve design said...

I like a gal who sticks to her guns about what is rightly hers. I mean that looks like the sweetest china ever. You could make sweet jeweled napkin ring holders!

DaniBP said...

Haha! I would have fought for it too it's so pretty!

About Last Weekend said...

It's an incredibly happy design and looks wonderful with all your green (what an odd lady in the store! Glad you stood up for your sale!)

Bonnie said...

It is happy! Good for you. Possession is 90% percent of the law.....is that the way the saying goes? Anyway, so happy you went home with it. Bonnie

Interior Design Musings said...

that kind of thing always seems to happen to me too! And I'm always surprised when people act like that about stuff. Glad you kept your composure and came home with the goodies! I snagged a brass lamp for $10 on Saturday from Goodwill. Needs a little sprucing up but will make a great addition to my den! M.