Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bringing Back The Snack Set

I'm sure all my male readers are getting tired of the jewelry posts, so I'll get back to blogging about homemaking :)

On my weekly thrift store outing I found this depression era pressed glass snack set of four plates.  I thought they would be perfect for kids since they have the little dividers and the handles.

I couldn't believe it when I noticed this little detail

Did people really need to have a cigarette holder and ashtray built into their plates -- cigarette smoke billowing up into their faces and ashes flying into their food?  
We've come such a long way.

I decided it works better as a chopstick holder.

We tested them out tonight

Even Matt (who isn't usually the most observant when it comes to these kinds of things) noticed them right away and said he really likes them.

They were PERFECT as sushi plates. My "ashtray" held exactly the right amount of soy sauce.

If you're itching to get yourself, or someone you love one of these very cool sushi/snack sets, just check your local Goodwill, thrift store, junk shop, ETSY.  

Do not purchase it from an antique dealer. When I Googled to find out what they were originally used for I saw some dealers charging upwards of $55 for sets.
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Bonnie said...

Did you make the sushi? It looks divine. I love the trays. I am so glad there is less and less smoking. I really need to visit Goodwill more often. I'm always afraid I will end up buying back something I previously donated:) Hugs! Bonnie

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I have seen similar sets and resisted the urge--I have sets upon sets boxed up and full cabinets. I really do like them and they are super cute when filled up with sushi.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love this! I can never decide if I should pick something like this up...or it I have too much clutter. I usually pass, and am sorry I did.

helen tilston said...

The sushi served on your new plates looks so elegant. I love them. You got a wonderful buy

Have a lovely weekend


the gardener's cottage said...

julie we used these as kids. we had turquoise glass ones and yellow plastic ones too. they usually had a little place for your cup to sit also. but yeah, i can picture someone smoking and eating at the same time. i think your use of them with sushi is genius! xo

Lisa said...

Ah yes...everything old is new again.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Love it! I have a great set but my daughter snatched them up and whisked them away. I use vintage glass "tupperware" to store my leftovers in as well, so much better looking, and better for you, than plastic. We call Goodwill - "Gdub" at our house :)

Stitchfork said...

Love these! I never find great things like you do - want to follow along behind you to these places!
xo Cathy

Theresa said...

ok, LOVE this repurposing. I have these EXACT same plates from my grandma and their card playing days and YES, they all DID smoke when they eating. yum?

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

These are great, Julie. I have a set that's similar in the shape of a Daisy with a little round valley to place the matching cup. So charming!

pve design said...

I think these would be pretty for storing your jewelry:)
I'd love one for my morning cosmetics....or for my art supplies on my desk....
Great eye - Julie!

The Vintique Object said...

Perfect!! (But aren't you right that we've come a long way.) I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for these. Because there will come a time, I know when my kids won't want their food to touch. And I'm trying very hard not to buy any more plastic. :) BTW -- we made the heart crayons this weekend and they turned out so cute!

Merri Jo said...

What a fabulous idea!! I recently donated 25 sets(plates&cups), but I'll ask my kids if they'd like some sushi plates!! They all turned down "luncheon trays" :-)