Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Remember last week when I said I was purging. 
Getting rid of things I don't use or love. 
I made really good progress. And I'm not done yet - really. 

But I saw these plates at the thrift store and started thinking of 
how pretty the table would look with the pink, green and gold. 

So I bought them.  

And so far, I don't regret it. 


pve design said...

I think your new plates are so pretty....and they look like they could inspire a necklace!!!

Belle on Heels said...

Love, love, love!! I am dying to get some pretty, vintage china dessert plates. I'm going to have to check my local thrift store!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

When I first them I thought you were going to say you purged them and I was thinking, wish I was there when she did :) They are so pretty.
I'm back on the bandwagon and clearing out, planning a garage sale next month. You must have got my fire going :)

About Last Weekend said...

Love them! That hint of pink with the green is so wonderful. I am coming back to eating on fine china. Our recycled glass plates are just so noisy and scrapey sometimes!

Brandy@MAKE+MODEL said...

Hi Julie! I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out at www.cha-gogo.blogspot.com - Brandy

the gardener's cottage said...

isn't that the way it goes?!

i love that you aren't sick of them...yet. sounds just like me!

they are pretty! xo

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

They are lovely. I love thrifting and finding something really fabulous like those plates is just thrilling to me. Enjoy your pretty table.

Bonnie said...

So very pretty! Don't you just love purging so you have some space to fill? At least that is the way it seems around here. I hope you are having a grand week. Bonnie

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You will never regret buying those plates, Julie! They are so you, which means I love them too!


The Vintique Object said...

I wouldn't regret it either. They're really, really pretty. Also, I had to laugh about your thrift store comment. I went into one today and had arguments with myself about buying things. I was proud when I only walked out with three things -- and one will be given to my sister. So technically, that's just two.
I think you need to schedule a brunch with friends soon to use those plates!

Wonderful Life! said...

Lovely! I want them!