Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's THAT Time of Year Again...

When we decorate the back yard
with balloons
and Banners

and a pinata.

We invite over a few of our friends
to play games

to make bubbles

go down the water slide

and act silly.

Then we sing a song that everybody knows the words to

Eat Cake

then send everyone home with a big cookie. 

Having backyard birthday parties never gets old :)

Drew celebrated his 7th birthday today. 

(He also lost another two teeth this week!)
My summer baby is growing so fast. 


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Drew! What a fantastic party!

helen tilston said...

Happy Birthday Drew and may your year be the best ever!

Wow what a party, so much fun and friends.

Helen xx

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I gasped at that awesome looking party! Hope 7 is as good as 6 or better!

pve design said...

Happy Birthday to your Summer boy!
What a fun party~

Woodside Park said...

Happy Birthday to Drew! What an awesome party. To be 7 and having fun with friends in the summer....nice!

Interior Design Musings said...

Looks so fun!!! Love entertaining kids in the summer! M.

Alison Duffy said...

Looks like so much fun!

About Last Weekend said...

Lovely - looks like the most fabulous old fashioned good time with treats and water and bubbles party ever. You have the hugest back yard too. Happy Birthday Drew!

Hitchhiker42 said...

Wow, a shark cake! That's awesome. He's a lucky kid. I remember going to birthday parties when I was 7. We usually went out to play miniature golf. :)

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I always think that summer's make the best time to have parties for kids. This looked like everyone had a great time, and slept well that night. Love the cake.