Friday, July 6, 2012

Where the Pros Go

Over the summer you're going to be getting more the "mommy blogger" type posts since that's what I'm doing these days.

Last week Drew asked if we could make sushi, so we turned it into our activity for the day.

We headed out to the H mart. If you're local you might know that the H mart is an eclectic international market (with a slant towards Asian items). It's where DC restaurants/chefs get their goods.

It's also quite an adventure!

You'll see fruits and veggies you've never seen before.

You can shop for housewares.

Pick up a pet or dinner depending how you look at it.

Serve yourself shrimp and live crabs.

Pick up some colorful silk pillows.

Grab a bite to eat

And just poke around --You never know what you'll find.

We made our way home and made sushi for dinner.
It wasn't the prettiest, but for a first attempt I think Drew did great. And, it tasted fantastic.

We even served it up on the little plates we made during our hand building sessions.

Hope you enjoyed our little shopping adventure. If you're local check it out!


Bonnie said...

Oh I love it. What a wonderful way to spend your summer! I'll be waiting for Drew's next adventure. Bonnie

pve design said...

We do have an H mart here and I have it on my list to go to. We also have made sushi. It was create.
Love how you are always finding fun things to do with Drew!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love H mart! We buy seasoned seaweed paper, and wrap steamed rice in it. I think you did an amazing job. We love sushi, but have never tried making it. Also, I love their rubber coated garden gloves that they sell.

onnery said...

Drew did a fantastic job and hat's off to his Mom for making the day possible!
My daughter lives and works in DC so I must have her take me to H Mart.

Woodside Park said...

Hi, Julie - I've never been to H Mart....interesting....will definitely check out. Sushi looks very good! And, Drew looks great with those chopsticks :-)
Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

Awesome field trip Julie, and love that your son made the sushi! Hope you stay cool this weekend.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

H mart looks great. I have not been. Now I am hungry for sushi.

About Last Weekend said...

This makes me realise I have to take the kids to the market more. Drew did such a great job on the sushi! We are trying to persuade our eldest to learn how to make it. OUr plan is that Sushi chef would be a great job when he's at University looking to make extra dosh!