Sunday, January 6, 2013

London Calling

For almost a year now we have been trying to decide if relocating oversees for a couple years is the right thing to do for our family. Matt's job would be easier if we were living in London--but the company is not requiring him to move. 

It's exciting. It's scary. My feelings about it change almost hourly. 

I love my house, my garden, my neighborhood, my life, my comforts, my thrift stores :)

But what an amazing opportunity to see and experience life in another way. How fantastic would it be for Drew to see the world from a global perspective. 

This morning we pulled out a world map and circled all the countries we'd like to go to on weekend trips or for vacations if we moved.

We were giddy just thinking about all the great places we could see and experience. 

In the meantime I've been trying to sort through the day to day things like, what do I do with my household stuff? This potential moved has been the impetus for my "purge of 2012". It's also why I haven't blogged much about decor and home projects this year. I always have the question, "are we moving?" in my head. So even though I need curtains in the bedroom I haven't made them because we might be moving. I'm also always thinking about whether we store our furniture or do I move it oversees? Who will adopt my many many houseplants? Would anyone consider a houseplant foster care program? Will a renter take care of my garden and ponds? Can I leave all my boxes of Christmas decorations in the attic?... Are the prices at the Portobello Road market and shops better than the Georgetown flea market and thrift stores here (considering the exchange rate and all)?
I know these are little things that aren't really important in the grand scheme of things. Our biggest concern is how it will impact Drew to switch schools (to a completely different system no less), 

leave friends and family behind, 

and adjust to a different lifestyle. That's what our decision is really coming down to. 

Hopefully we'll be making a final decision soon. I feel like I've got emotional whiplash and am eager to make a decision and move on, once and for all. I've never really been to London, so it's hard to get a feel for what life would be like. I know it would be VERY different. In a few weeks we're going to visit the city and scope it out.  

If you were offered the opportunity to relocate to another country for a few years (with your family), what would you do?...


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Yes I would relocate to another country if the chance was given, however it would depend on where. I love London and have visited several times but not sure if I could live there. I do know someone that lives there they do love it but they know it is not forever and they also said that it is quite expensive there too. However I would still do it if it was for a certain amount of time.

I moved from Pa to SC and althought it is a domestic move, I still miss family and friends tremendously.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

We DID IT! We lived there for 2 years, and I did not want to come back. There was a glimpse of an opportunity for us to go again, and my bags were packed and waiting. Here is a post I wrote

Do you know Lori, she is there now

The key is to negotiate the right expat package. They should pay for your son to go to the American Schools.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I would not hesitate to go. Sometimes you have to adjust in life, sometimes you make a choice that requires adjustment. My point is that changes will come in some way whether you opt in or not, so why not jump now and worry later.

the gardener's cottage said...

i think i'd go julie. what a great opportunity for drew. and think of all the places you would see!

i think it would be be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

that being said, i'd be scared to death! but excited too. xoxo

Eleanor said...

Yes, yes and YES!!!!
We would be gone in a heartbeat if offered an opportunity like that.
Naturally there is the sadness in leaving the comforts of home, but the adventure that awaits is the real siren's song!!!!

Good luck in this decision making thoughts are with you guys!

Bonnie said...

Julie, If is a duplication I apologize. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. Go visit, keep an open mind and follow your heart. You will make the right decision. London is one of my favorite cities. I will be thinking about you. Bonnie

My Interior Life said...

Oh, Julie, that is so exciting. I think I would jump at the chance to live in London for a couple of years. While it would be a huge adjustment, I think it's the opportunity of a lifetime. I'm really jealous. My husband's job is the sort where we have to stay put forever to build it - if he/we could travel with his job, I think it would be ideal.

And thank you for your comment. I'm not sure if I know the person/blogger you are referring to. There's a girl who's been around as long as I have, but I'm assuming you're talking about someone new with my name. Would you mind forwarding me the link via email ( because I didn't find it during an initial Google search.

Thanks & happy new year!!

jtc said...

You should check out the blog Aspiring Kennedy - adventures and life of an American couple living in England now. The author of the blog is Lauren and she seems like a real sweetie who would welocome your questions and concerns.

Lakesprite said...

Yes! That's not saying it's easy. The hardest decision I ever made was leaving (and renting) my beloved house and garden, uprooting my kids from their schools and friends, and moving to Mozambique for 3 (it became 4) years. Also one of the best decisions I ever made.

pve design said...

I can understand not wanting to leave all that you have behind.
I have a friend who came back and has been sad for months. They loved living in London. His job brought them there but all good things must come to an end.
I think you would be fine and your son and husband too.
Good luck with the right decision for your family.
I know your intuition will guide you to the best choice for you all.
I think I would go because life is short and to be able to see the world in young eyes is transformative.

pve design said...

Blogger, American born, Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy would be fun to meet.
She is expecting twins....

Brandy@MAKE+MODEL said...

Good luck with your decision. I would be torn also however I've said my goal for 2013 is to take more risks so I say DO IT!! - Brandy

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

What an incredible opportunity for your family, Julie! If it were me, I would be hesitant to move to the new country for the same reasons you cited. However, it would be the opportunity of a lifetime and I think it would be an amazing education for Drew. Good luck with your decision and finding homes for those plants.

pve design said...

My dear friend would love to speak with you....she was in London with her family as her husband's work lead them there....she absolutely loved the time they spent there.
You can e-mail me-

reikigirl said...

Don't think about it too long Julie. It will be fun to read about your escapades from the other side of the pond.
Still getting compliments on my pearl bracelet by the way.

Dianne said...

Another blogger just did this with her husband and 4 children. Her name is Pam and she has the blog view from my kitchen sink....check it out. You would love talking with her.

About Last Weekend said...

I think it would be an unbelievable experience for you and your kids. We lived there for 15 years and even if, at the end, I grew really tired of the weather and the grind of the City, I missed it so much when I left. It will be really hard the first few months no question, but what a great contrast. I have to say now I live in California, it's much easier to live in the US: better weather, easier to get a big back yard, everything is cheaper. And you have a gorgeous house and lovely friends so that would be hard to leave. But the change would be great. The newspapers, buildings, conversations, antiquities and buildings are incredible in London. Think you should consider living right in the middle of London even if it means getting an apartment rather than a house. We lived in Notting Hill - next to Portobello Road and it was fabulous. That's my 5 cents.

bluehydrangea said...

I say go!! I lived in England for a year during college and LOVED it!! Of course I didn't have children but I am so thankful for the experience. I wold be freaking out if I was you but I don't think it is something you will ever regret if you go. And what fun for us if you continue to blog during your move!!!

Unknown said...

I think I would...What a rare opportunity to see the world and open the eyes of your child to greater things..change can be good, and you know, Home is where you are!
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

I think I would...What a rare opportunity to see the world and open the eyes of your child to greater things..change can be good, and you know, Home is where you are!
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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