Monday, February 18, 2013

Cafe LoRusso

This past week "Cafe LoRusso" has been in full swing.

Even though our dining room is not fancy at all, it always feel a little special when we eat in there. 

Last weekend we had some good friends/newlyweds over. 

I went with a very casual and colorful setting with my thrifted "paradise" china and teal stemware.

Apparently the cooking bug has gotten ahold of Matt too. He decided to cook the main course. 

(I love a good "before and after" shot don't you?)
Dinner table after
For Valentine's day I set a "romantic" table for three. 

Hellebores from my garden

I went with a black, white and pink color pallet.

 Rose petals and candle light

and sparkling grape juice from Trader Joes

But that's not all folks!

 The fine dining continued thanks to Matt who surprised us with a "fancy" breakfast on Saturday.

P.S. On a completely different note, If anyone knows how I can actually get my Instagram photos to post on my sidebar please help me! I might be better at just posting pictures than actually writing posts :) I'm doing interesting stuff I'm sure you would want to know about. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

The LoRussos Go to London

We're back from our little information gathering trip to London.
(We saw a Dodo bird at the Natural History museum that really left a lasting impression on us. 
Such a funny looking character)

In three days we got a good feel for what life would be like. I almost got hit by a car at least 7 times.
We walked a lot. We traveled via the Underground a lot. 

It rained. 

We saw Big Ben. It's so much prettier in person. Really amazing.

We popped in to St. Paul's Cathedral during a night time mass. 

Checked out Buckingham Palace and weird street performers near the Eye. 
(I think Drew was both intrigued and kind of scared of this guy. They came in every color :)

Our first stop upon arrival was a pub of course.

I tried fish and chips (can't say that I love pub food). 

Drew tried a soft boiled egg with "toasted soldiers". He loved it, so we are now searching for the perfect egg cup so he can enjoy this very english breakfast here in the US. 
("toasted soldiers" are just toast that has been cut into long strips)

An agent drove us around to show us some flats for "let" in our price range in the neighborhood we're looking at. Our expectations our now in check.

It looks like we are probably going to move sometime this summer.  The trip reinforced something I already knew--I am not a city girl. But, it also showed me that it will be an amazing experience for Drew. It will be a much better situation for Matt and it'll stir things up for me, which could be really good. Right? 

It's really scary, but I've always known that moving to another country is an amazing opportunity that we're fortunate to be offered. So it looks like it's full steam ahead! I've spent the morning looking at schools then cross referencing them with maps of the city and Underground. We won't have a car so first we have to find a school, then we look for a place to live that is in short walking distance. But we need to find the right school that is also on a underground line that will be convenient for Matt to get to work. 
Nothing is set in stone yet but it's feeling very real now.