Monday, March 18, 2013

The Perfect Egg Cup

Remember when we got back from London and I said that Drew discovered he likes soft boiled eggs and toasted soldiers? Therefore I needed to find the perfect egg cup so I could serve this breakfast to him here in the US.

Well it turns out the search for the perfect egg cup wasn't so hard. And in fact, quite educational. 

This is "egg cup season" and there are A LOT to choose from. 

You can find some really cute vintage ones on Etsy.  

Or in the retails stores like Pottery Barn.  

And who knew there were SO many uses for a little egg cup?

Desk organizers for things like tiny little clothes pins

Vases for tiny little flowers 

Serving dishes for tiny little bites 

and pin cushions for tiny little-- you get it

And yes, you can use them for soft boiled eggs too
This one spoke to me. 
If I ever see it I'm grabbing it so I have somewhere to put my tiny little somethings

But for my picky little guy it had to be just right. Without making much of an investment I came home successful on the first try. It's all about the spin people! 

A basic .99 white one that he can decorate, or I can write little love notes on. 

Just decorate with Sharpies and it washes right off with soap and water. 

Ahhhh the smell of success. Or is that the eggs?...