Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just never mind about the weather

One thing I figured out quickly about London is that the people just ignore the weather here. When I say, "weather" I mean rain. People will sit or stand outside drinking their pints even if it's raining. No umbrellas, just acting like they don't even notice it's raining. If there is an outdoor activity there is never a rain date. 

We go to the local farmer's market just about every Sunday. Today it was raining pretty hard and Matt said the market was probably closed. I said, "they don't cancel things because of rain here, they just ignore it". It was raining pretty hard around start time and I wondered if people would really set up/attend an outdoor market in the rain. 

 The answer to that question is Yes, yes they do.

I always head straight to the flower guy

and Drew always buys a croissant from this lady
 I watched this shopper walk around the market oblivious that her umbrella was inverted (I thought it was funny because it wasn't even windy)

 I think it's a great way to live. Just never mind about the weather and get out there!