Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Feng is Shui Better Already!

The construction phase of the laundry room/butler's pantry is nearly completed. The cabinets will go up on Monday.  Last night the washer and dryer were stacked and connected, so after a two week laundry hiatus I'm back in the fluff and fold business (is that a good thing? Hmmmm)

The tiles are in. I thought I should just try to keep things simple so I did the same thing in there that I have in my entry.  I also just painted the walls the same color as the kitchen, BM Camouflage.

And, we took down the door between the kitchen and this room. No more doors slamming into each other. 

I've cleaned up my flea market chandelier (I'm going with this one instead of the one I showed you in my first post about this project.)

It's just an empty room right now, but I feel like the energy in the house has already changed.  I looked at a feng shui chart, and according to my calculations this room is the location of Joy.

With all the joy floating around during the upcoming holidays and my new room I should be the happiest woman on the planet. Joy, Joy, Joy!!!


the gardeners cottage said...

hahaha. you crack me up julie. thanks for that chart, i'm going to examine it fully and see where i'm going wrong!

your room is going to be gorgeous and fluffing and folding by chandelier light would make me joyful too.

have a great weekend.


Martha said...

Oh my GOSH! it looks amazing! Makes me want to paint and tile my whole house :)

carla said...

Hi Julie,

It looks amazing, I can't wait to see the final product.

carla said...

OH yes and I am totally amazed that you can go two weeks without a laundry room, we would be in a real pile up over here.

Once Upon A Parent said...

I really need to get over there and check things out! How about a family photo shoot really soon! What are your holiday plans?