Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's New & I'm So Confused

This week I've been really struggling with what to do.  I'm in full jewelry design mode and that's really where my head has been lately.  I'm gearing up for the holidays, which I hope will be successful this year.

Did you notice that I also started a jewelry blog?  That's because I couldn't get the website that I created (using a template) to do what I want it to do -- which is show multiple angles/photos of each piece of jewelry and include more text.  So, with each new piece of jewelry I make, I then need to photograph it, do a blog post about it and add it to my website.

And then there is Monkey Grass Hill and that chair that I want to redo in the kitchen.  That project will require a chunk of time and who even knows if I'll like it this time around.

Wouldn't it be great if I could combine all my creative efforts into just one site?

The great think about blogging is that I write my own rules--and combing my sites is what I'm doing this week. So, here is What's New in the Julie LoRusso Jewelry line.

Fist up is a beautiful and playful triple strand of pink cultured freshwater pearls.

The strands are adorned with three individual flower pins.  These pins were given to me by a friend, and while I don't think they qualify as vintage, I think they give this necklace the vintage feel.  You can remove the pins and rearrange them any way your heart desires.

It's finished with a nice size sterling silver toggle clasp. 

Next up is a fun yellow extra long necklace. I've laced it with some very light smokey quartz coins and silver colored beads.

I was going for fun and affordable with this one by not using sterling silver.

You can wear it long or wrap it twice around.

I think it looks high-end with a fun little edge!

Want a little more Luxe in your life?

You can never go wrong with layers of pearls!  This necklace has three strands of stunning silvery pearls and is turned into a one-of-a-kind design with the fantastic vintage rhinestone brooch.

I found the brooch in an antique shop in Vermont about a month ago.  You can just take it off it you're not in the mood for a a little sparkle. It's stunning either way!

 AND you can adjust the length.  You've got about 2 inches to play with thanks to the sterling silver chain and lobster claw finish.  Finally, I couldn't just leave a chain hanging, so I added the sweetest little teardrop crystal to the end.

Here we have another one of my "new vintage" designs.

 This one is two strands of rich brown pearls with a vintage goldtone faux pearl earring.  The earring findings have been removed it is permanently affixed to this necklace.

It's finished with a gold vermeil "s" hook clasp.

Another versatile pearl necklace is this double green beauty.

I've added just a little shine with the vintage brooch. It's not too big, it's not to sparkly. Just the perfect amount of glam to make you feel special on a dark dreary day.

The brooch is still a brooch, so you can remove it when you want to.

This classic beauty is finished with a 14K gold-filled toggle clasp. 

Need a little pick-me-up as the days start getting shorter?

 The peaceful water tones in this beautiful apatite and chalcedony necklace will take you back to those summer days at the beach. I think it's a year round accessory--can you just imagine how striking it is with a black top.
 Finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

I'm into the big chunky styles, but for you ladies who like something a little more subtle I've made this one-of-a-kind "new vintage" star.

I never get tired of the chartreuse green of this single strand of pearls.  And the pendant is a vintage crystal earring.

Perfect for the holidays!

 Finished with a small gold vermeil clasp.

Another blue Monday?.....

I flash of blue apatite can get you through it. How about two strands of little chips?

Finished with a sterling silver hook clasp. 

Finally,  when you just don't know what color to accessorize with.  The watery colorless sparkle of genuine crystal quartz will complete your look.

These stones are "top-drilled" so they flip and flop and do a little dance around your neck. I finished this one with a rhinestone magnetic clasp. (not shown because by camera battery died).

If you like anything you see here and would like to make it your own before I update my website just email me.

I'll be back to posting about house and home things very soon.


the gardeners cottage said...

ummm i'll take it all please. i love every single piece. everything looks so, so beautiful and perfect right down to the clasps.


ps ~ and i'm confused everyday too.

Bruce Barone said...

Stunning jewelry.

And me, too; confused all the time.

Stitchfork said...

Confusion is good -- that's what I keep telling myself. I'm not confused about the apatite and chalcedony necklace - love it!

Martha said...

Wow. Your jewels are gorgeous!!!