Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

A few weeks ago we took our vacation. 
Again, this year to Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. 


We love it there because it's got something for everyone. 

(view from our window seat)

We ate breakfast in the courtyard (by a very old fountain) everyday.  

One of the reasons Congress Hall feels warmer to me than a regular hotel is that you can take the stairs instead of an elevator. The staircase has two sides, which I love! And, the landings are decorated with furniture that's been at the hotel since the 1800's.  

I watched a wedding from this window in the garden with a woman 
who was married exactly one year ago in the same garden.  

There's a cool bar for the grownups. 
It was the first place I ever saw a zebra rug (five years ago).
It has since been replaced with a tiger print that I don't love as much.

They have family activities and camps for the kids. 

When the hotel was revitalized the designer used old pieces and 
freshened them up with bright whites and colorful paint. 
(Old mirror painted white and birdcage lamps with new shades)

Love the old elevator trimmed black. 
Bright colors -blue, pink, yellow, green and stripes throughout.
The wire urns and giant birdcage are so cool

Check out my post about it last year , it's much better.
I forgot my camera this year and just snapped a few pix with my iPhone. 
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Bonnie said...

Sounds like a lovely place for a respite. Love the whimsy and color. Hugs!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

It sounds relaxing and those are my favorite kind of vacations. Something comforting about returning to a place. That elevator looks amazing.

About Last Weekend said...

It looks glorious, a vacation from another time and place and as you say something for everyone...and when the kids are happy, everyone is happy.