Saturday, April 17, 2010

B&B Season Opening!

It's springtime, which means the many friends and family we have from up north will start to visit us. We love having company and I like to host them like this is a bed and breakfast.

Tonight our first guests of the season will arrive, and I've just finished getting our "guest quarters" ready. I thought this would be the perfect time to show you a before and after of our guest room.

Here is the before. The bathroom used to be a jack and jill. This shot is from the bedroom through the bathroom.

This is a better view of the interior of the bathroom. It is very small.
This is what the bedroom looked like with the previous owners furniture. Notice the mirrored wall and striped wallpaper. Nothing like feeling like your behind bars in a windowless underground box!

Here is the after. We closed off the one side so that we would have more room for a vanity and sink.
This is the same view as the before so you can see what it looks like from the bedroom. (The door is not crooked--it's just me.)

The guest room is in our basement, and is a windowless room. It had a window before the sunroom/porch addition was put on. The window is still in place but it looks out to dirt. I put a mirror over it and hung up these panels, so if anyone peaks under they'll get a little surprise.

I always like to put a living plant and some fresh flowers in the room to make it feel a little more alive and welcoming. I put a stack of magazines too.

The furniture is all from my old bedroom. The linens and pictures are from HomeGoods. The lamps are a recent addition that just came down from the sunroom. They work perfectly with the black and white and beige color scheme (that happens to be in every room).

Everyone that has stayed with us says they feel like they are on vacation. It's a quiet, cool and private place to sleep.

Matt is a very energetic tour guide and I like to feed them well. So after a long day of running around and eating they usually do need a good night sleep!

I hope you enjoyed your visit :)



carla said...

What a transformation, it looks so inviting.

the gardener's cottage said...

What a great space. I love the bathroom redo. So very pretty. And I love the way you styled the guest room itself. Ummm, I'll be making reservations shortly!


ps ~ w/o windows it's probably a great room to sleep-in in.

Unknown said...

Julie- you have a great sense of style - simple, comfortable, modern and traditional :)

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful. I need you come work on my house!