Monday, December 5, 2011

We've got Spirit, yes we do!

We are in full-on Christmas spirit mode over here at Monkey Grass Hill.

Making gingerbread houses

Visiting the train/holiday exhibit at the National Botanical Gardens. 

They featured these ornament terrariums throughout
 I think I'll make these next year
 The theme for the train exhibit was animal homes 
constructed with natural materials like twigs, and leaves.

 some of them you couldn't tell what they were made of

some others it was very clear
notice the leaves of the balloon

I've also been doing more decorating on the outside then before. 


Stitchfork said...

Love the terrarium ornaments. When the guys were little we always went to the Christmas train show at the Carnegie Museum here - miss that. So a party-palooza planned in two weeks - you are a wonder-woman! Can't wait to hear all of the details!
xo Cathy
...your front door entry is so pretty!

pve design said...

You are in the spirit! My son who is home on college break helped me choose the X-mas tree, the garland and it has been so fun to have him home. I am hosting a ladies night tuesday and I wish you lived nearby...everything is stocked and now I just need to plan what party shoes and frock I will wear!
How was Monkey Grass hill rockin round that x-mas tree?

Karena said...

Julie, Oh I love it!! your ornaments are perfect!!

Isn't that just like...well make it an Open House and then people will come & go!!

Please Come and enter in My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! You will love them!

Tis the Season!


Art by Karena

the gardener's cottage said...

love those terrarium bulbs. genius! and i wish i was coming to help you. xo

kayce hughes said...

Looking good!

About Last Weekend said...

Love the pictures of your kids hard at work. And your house looks so festive. The funny thing is it doesn't matter how many people we have over they all want to crowd around the kitchen sink! Have a fabulous one!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Okay I haven't received my invitation yet but I'm sure it was just an oversight. You are definitely getting your Christmas on. Party on, kids!

Sanity Fair said...

Looks like I should have stood in line for the train room! It didn't even occur to me to try poinsettia terrariums - what a cool idea.

My Interior Life said...

Your house looks great! We did more outdoor decorating this year as well, so much I'm thinking we're starting to look like the Griswolds. But the kids love it, so that makes it worthwhile. Have a great weekend, Julie!